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15 of the funniest whisky memes that are sure to raise a smile

Everyone loves a good internet meme, here are 15 of the funniest ones to do with whisky that we could find.

Published: August 26, 2016
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A meme (pronounced meem) is traditionally described as being "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture".

As with everything, the internet takes this cultural form and condenses it, rinses it out, twists it through the ringer and then creates something entirely new which then overtakes any preceding understanding of what the original item was.

So, whereas the word meme was previously used to describe cultural movements it's now been completely appropriated by the internet to describe hilarious one panel comics or pictures enhanced by custom text.

So, of course, whisky is loved by a broad range of people which means there are plenty of fans out there who are putting their own twist on this new internet 'art form', here are a few of our favourites:

We'll forgive the confused spellings of whisky you'll often find in different versions of this classic 'Batman disciplining Robin' meme, and just appreciate the message that the majority of whisky fans agree on: "Don't drown your wonderful whisky with coke."

item 4

And it seems the overly manly man agrees...

item 4

Glenmorangie unveils new Lighthouse Distillery

Jokes about being on a diet... oh wait, I see what you did there drunken baby meme



Optimism and pessimism are overrated, we prefer realism

The Sassenach whisky wins Double Gold at New York World Wine and Spirits Competition

item 7


The two stages of the classic hangover effortlessly explained in this Finding Nemo meme

item 4

Scran season 4: Whisky smuggling to save the oceans


We laughed at this more than we probably should have



Sound advice we think (although we are sure cocktail fans won't agree)

item 4


Yay science!
item 4


In place of Fireball insert any flavoured whisky in our eyes

item 4

Yes it does



How every birthday should go, wise words from Archer

item 10


We won't argue with you Mr. Overly manly man, sir

item 11


Suave baby talks sense

item 6


Hard to argue with this

item 5


Finally, we'll sign off with an educational meme, one that provides an important lesson.

item 4

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