Ice cream rolls are now a thing in Edinburgh, here is where you can get them

Edinburgh's soaring ­summer temperatures will give a huge boost to a new business hoping its approach to ice-cream can leave rivals licked.

Published 27th Jun 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Rolly’s Ice Cream has developed a process which uses a flat pan to form super fast ice cream ‘rolls’.

It says what sets Rolly’s apart from a regular cone is that customers can choose to add their favourite fruit, chocolate bar or sweet and watch it be prepared right in front of them. It’s a new take on street food for Scotland’s capital, created by mechanical engineering graduate Michael Notarangelo.

After a series of successful pop-ups, including the HSBC Let’s Ride event at the Meadows at the weekend, he has landed a summer-long residency position at The Pear Tree, as well as appearances at food events such as Foodies Festivals and The Pitt.

The menu includes banoffee pie, using rum made by a family distillery in Carnoustie, and chocolate orange, made with a chocolate brownie soaked in The Loch Fyne orange liqueur.

Michael said: “After I graduated, I got a job working on the new Queensferry Crossing but when that opened I found myself out of work and unable to find another opening in the engineering sector.

“But on a trip last year to Thailand, I saw the opportunity to develop an ice cream rolls business based on the street food sellers there, who first came up with the idea.

“I guess also the fact my granddad used to run an ice cream van after he emigrated from Italy to Edinburgh also had more than a passing inspiration.

“After securing funding, I set out to create my own bespoke operation, developing and sourcing the equipment – and putting my engineering skills to use – and conceiving all the branding and product development.”

The process starts with a basic ice cream custard which is poured onto the ice pan – cooled to -20°C – and then a flavouring of choice is added.

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Using scrapers, the mixture is chopped and combined until it starts to crystallise and form ice cream. It is then spread evenly across the ice pan using the scraper and rolled into ice cream rolls, hence Rolly’s.

Michael added: “The great thing about Rolly’s – and not just the fact that everyone loves ice cream – is that the process creates such a happy, eye-catching experience.

“The feedback from all the events has been amazing so I’m really looking forward to being able to bring Rolly’s to a wider audience this summer.

“I am also getting loads of calls from weddings and event organisers who are looking for something different to offer guests.

“I’ve now invested in three separate set-ups which means I can spread the operation in different locations. This Saturday I’m at Fiesta x Fold Festival in Glasgow.

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“If it continues to go well I hope to expand into other cities and areas.”

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