Best online responses as Giffnock locals react with anger to Lidl's take over of Whole Foods site

With the news that Lidl have announced that they are set to take over the former Whole Foods site in Giffnock, local residents weren't long in taking to social media to announce their displeasure.

Published 19th Apr 2018
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The chain confirmed yesterday that it has agreed contracts with Whole Foods Market and the landlord to occupy the unit, with the goal to refurbish and open for trade later this year.

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However, many of the area's residents didn't take to the news too kindly, with one person describing it as a "sad day" for Giffnock and another stating that it would likely "attract vermin that do not belong" in their "prestigious area".

One Facebook response read: "This is disgraceful news. The opening of this store will bring down the tone of the whole area. I'm disappointed that M & S have not followed up with their initial interest, perhaps locals should have lobbied them."

Another worried Giffnock resident, then apparently posed the question: “You have to ask yourself what kind of people need their food to be so cheap?"

Before answering: "Drug takers, wasters and the unemployable no doubt. Not the type of people we need around here.”

Many of the comments have since been deleted from the original Facebook post but not before some eagle eyed users spotted them and took screen shots before reposting them on Twitter and Facebook.

Though some people did have a serious point to make regarding local shops...

What casks are exciting whisky makers - including white port and orange wine wasn't long before the jokes came pouring out at the expense of those reacting in anger to the news.

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Posting on Twitter, one person pointed out that the people complaining are the same people "that travel to Lidl outside of Giffnock, put their shopping in a M&S bag then come home".

One user jokingly posted that it was "reverse gentrification", while another added that it was the very definition of "first world problems".

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