Day in the Life: Ceramicist Borja Moronta tells us about his day

Borja Moronta’s recent clients include restaurant, Heron, who are opening in Edinburgh soon

Published 20th May 2021
Updated 18 th Sep 2023


I wake up without alarms, sometimes after 7am, sometimes around 8am.

I’ll usually be lazy in bed for a few minutes before jumping into the shower.

I try to do an hour of admin/emails before heading out, so I’ll make myself a coffee - lately with Obadiah Coffee beans - and have some granola for breakfast.

I like to start the day slowly but I tend to forget things when I’m on my way to the studio.

If I’m rushing it’s likely I will have to walk back home to get something I’ve left behind. 


I walk up to my studio in Abbeyhill, which takes me around 10 minutes.

I’ll probably stop at Twelve Triangles for a pastry and some bread, whether that is at Easter Road or Brunswick Place.

There’s one in both the routes I take so it’s physically impossible to stay away.


Once I’ve finished whichever pastry I’ve been tricked into and a second coffee I start working in the studio.

Sometimes that involves throwing or trimming, sometimes glazing.

Island cafe with stunning views to team up with Michelin-recommended Edinburgh restaurant for one-off supper club

I normally work for four hours straight before standing up to eat something or stretch my legs.

At the moment I’m working on a collection for Heron, an exiting restaurant opening this summer at The Shore.

One of Borja's creations


I’m too Spanish to have an early lunch, so I usually stop around this time. I head down to Easter Road to grab something at Polentoni, Little Fitzroy or Twelve Triangles again.

My bank app tells me I spend the most money in there at the end of every month. I hope that’s not more than my rent or bills, but I’m too scared to check.

If my task list allows, I’ll take a quick power nap in the studio before getting back to work.

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There’s always a snack around for after lunch, Bare Bones chocolate has been a favourite lately.


I normally finish around this time, I don’t have a set schedule so it really depends whether the job is done or not.

I’ll head to the swimming pool for a bit and to switch off after a days work.

Working on the potter’s wheel for hours puts a lot of stress on your back so this seems to help.


Swimming leaves me ravenous so around this time I’ll probably be cooking up a feast.

El Perro Negro and Ka Pao team up for kitchen takeover in Glasgow 

Although every so often it’s likely that I’ll head out to dinner with friends instead.

This week we went to Noto in Thistle Street which was pretty awesome.


I’ll read or watch something on TV while answering a couple of emails or organising the next day’s task list.

I’m a snack monster, so I’ll see if there’s any of that chocolate left.


I’ll head into bed around this time, sometimes later.

There’s no alarm the next morning so I’m pretty flexible with myself.

Borja Moronta has various Scottish stockists, including Edinburgh’s Life Story, Root-to-Market and Welcome Home, Glasgow

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