Grow your very own vegetable garden indoors, with the help of this simple infographic

Maintaining your very own vegetable patch can be difficult – even more so if you don’t have a private garden. Luckily, for many edible plants all you need is a sunny spot indoors. Instead of shelling out at the supermarket, why not try growing your own tasty veg in the comfort of your own home?

As well as a loving hand, for the best growth be sure to keep your plants in an area with plenty of sunlight, such as windowsills. If this isn’t possible, grow lights can allow you to cultivate your edible plants in even the darkest of corners.

If you’re starting completely from scratch, sowing seeds on moistened soil, covered with plastic wrap and kept in a warm area will get your plants off to the best possible start. Also ensuring all pots and containers have drainage holes or a layer of grit to prevent root rot and over-watering will make sure your plants stay strong and healthy.

For a helping hand on growing edible plants, follow these simple infographics.




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