Slow Food Scotland adds fish dishes to Ark of Taste

On 13 April, Slow Food Scotland officially boarded Arbroath Smokies & Finnan Haddie onto the Ark of Taste.

Published 18th Apr 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Both traditional methods of preserving fish, they are an essential part of Scotland’s culinary history and join other products like wild Scottish juniper, beremeal, and Shetland sheep on the Ark.

As part of Slow Food Scotland’s commitment to protect and preserve Scotland’s biodiversity and culinary history, boarding items onto the Ark of Taste gives Scotland a tool to educate residents and visitors about our food.

Supported by Slow Food international’s newly launched effort to board 1000 new items globally, and a streamlined boarding process, Scotland is leading the way with over 25 new products currently undergoing the application process.

Over the coming months Slow Food Scotland’s Ark of Taste coordinator will be leading workshops around the country. These will help introduce people to the concept and show them how to research and submit a piece of our culinary history onto the Ark of Taste in Scotland.

All of this follows the growth of the Slow Food movement in Scotland with the number of local groups doubling since the founding of Slow Food Scotland in November.

Slow Food Scotland is the national Slow Food body in working to promote “good, clean, and fair food for everyone.”

Part of one of the largest international food communities with active groups in 190 countries, Slow Food Scotland runs the Ark of Taste, Chef's Alliance, and Taste Adventure programmes nationwide with 4 local groups across the country working locally to run local/regional activities working with chefs, producers, schools, and other to promote the enjoyment of good, clean, fair, and culturally relevant food.

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