Scottish ice cream worker crowned Best Gelato Scooper in Europe

A Scottish ice cream worker from Ayrshire has been crowned the Best Gelato Scooper in Europe.

Published 25th Sep 2017
Updated 25 th Sep 2017

Equi’s Ice Cream’s Jen MacKenzie, from Kilwinning, was representing the UK at the European Gelato Festival in Florence, Italy.

The 27 year-old Sales and customer care executive for the Scottish
ice cream company was awarded European Tonda Challenge Winner at the final for her ice cream scooping skills.

The young Scot saw off competition from 12 other Finalists from across Europe to to create the perfect 60 grams gelato cup in front in front of a live audience, and be awarded super scooper status.


The highly skilled event saw the ice cream professionals compete to perfectly serve 60 grams of gelato, with one flavour and then two.

Ms MacKenzie won with 60g on her first try with one flavour and 59g on the second with two flavours.

Jen, who travelled from Scotland to participate, said: “It’s a huge honour to be awarded this title at the most prestigious gelato competition in the industry.

"I have worked for Equi’s for three years and practice really does make perfect. I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity to put my ice cream skills to the test in the home of gelato.

"I’m looking forward to getting back to serving customers in the parlour and sharing my good news.”

David Equi, managing director of the award-winning Lanarkshire ice cream company, whose  grandfather Pietro created the family-run brand up in 1922, added: "It’s brilliant to see such gelato talent from Scotland being recognised as the cream of the crop in the
very home of gelato.

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"We have over 95 years of experience in the ice cream industry and to see this knowledge passed down through the generations of scoopers that have worked in our parlour is amazing.

"Jen has done Scotland, and the UK, proud.”

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