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Video: Scots sculptor stars in hilarious 'How to carve a Trumpkin' video

Stuck for ideas this Halloween? This funny video from a Scots sculptor shows 'how to carve a Trumpkin' as Donald Trump pumpkin designs once again sweep the country.

Published: October 27, 2016
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Originally posted in 2016, the video, released by confectionery giants Innovative Bites, features Scottish sculptor Robert Coia, famous for his dramatic woodcarvings in Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park, showing how to carve a 'Trumpkin'.

The video was created to originally coincide with the UK launch of Baking Buddy '100% Natural Tinned Pumpkin' with the brand saying the clip will give consumers inspiration for their fresh pumpkins this year by turning them into "terrifying Trumpkins".

Pumpkins originated in South America, where people enjoy the fruit year-round in various ways— puréed in soups or stews and as a filling in empanadas. In the US, pumpkins are a very popular food source for Thanksgiving, used as the key ingredient in pumpkin pies.


Scottish sculptor Robert Coia with his Trumpkin. Picture: Innovative Bites

Brand Manager Haris Deane commented: "The Internet has been flooded with images of people carving Trumpkins in the lead up to Halloween, but nobody has provided a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

"We felt that creating a 'How to Carve a Trumpkin' video would be a fun and relevant way of engaging UK consumers with our new pumpkin product."

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