Perthshire Distillery launches Scotland's first ever golden Scottish rum

A small distillery in Perthshire has announced the launch of Scotland’s first Golden Rum.

Published 26th Sep 2017
Updated 11 th Oct 2023

Dunedin Rum - the brainchild of craft spirits specialists Strathearn Distillery - is described as having a bold fruity nose and notes of dark chocolate, and will be released in small batches.

The first of its kind produced in Scotland, the new rum is presented in a unique bottle paying homage to Scotland and Muireadhach (Murdina), the famous Sea Warrior.

Bottled at 43% ABV, the spirit has been in production for a while at the Perthshire-based distillers, adding to their already diverse spirits portfolio.

Liam Pennycook, the young head distiller who began working at Strathearn in 2014 and who started the rum interest at the distillery, said: “I always told Tony that Rum was a great drink and after a few research sessions, the idea was born – or at least what we could remember”.

Golden Rum

Picture: Strathearn

Tony Reeman-Clark, founder of the distillery, said: “Rum seemed the obvious next product for us after all the other spirits we have made and it now allows us to mature our Scotch in our own Rum casks and vice versa – but it needed its own identity”.

The Golden Rum is described by Reeman-Clark as having an oaky-finish with a complex blend of sweet vanilla and spicy flavours, which gives way to burnt sugar and caramel.

Set to retail at £34.99, the new rum will enter the market on a surge of interest in the category, with several other Scottish producers having previously produced white and spiced version of the popular spirit.

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