Just Eat cause controversy by 'unofficially' supporting English football team

Scottish fans of Just Eat aren't happy, but a rival delivery service has stepped in to offer support.

Published 9th Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The popular online food ordering company have caused upset online by voicing their support for the English national team, ahead of their game against Scotland today.

The brand tweeted a video of a cat, saying: "We're unofficially supporting the English lions football team with the biggest cat and football expert we were allowed to use..."

Users were quick to comment, with one saying: " I'm going to,officially, remove your App from my phone & tablet and find another supplier."

Davey (Scottish Yorkshireman) @TopRopeDavey added: "Not deleting your app just yet, @JustEatUK but know this: there are four national teams in the UK at World Cup level. Offer your support to all of them, hire a new PR team, and learn."

Aidan McCall tagged Scottish online takeaway Scoffable, saying: "Mon the @Scoffable a different class unlike yous".

They replied in kind, commenting: "On yersel big man, hae 10% aff yer next order by entering the code GOSCOTLAND10 at checkoot"

This then lead them to retaliate against Just Eat's choice of support by voicing their own, and giving all Scottish fans - not just Aidan - a discount code.

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They posted: "JustEat may be backing England, but we‘re backing oor Scottish lassies as they attempt tae make history at the World Cup today at 5pm. Grab 10% off yer scran with the code GOSCOTLAND10"

Just Eat have since tweeted to apologise to anyone for any offence caused.

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