Errington Cheese wins big at the 2019 World Cheese Awards

The producers of Errington Cheese are celebrating after winning Best Scottish Cheese and Gold for their Corra Linn at this year's World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy.

Published 23rd Oct 2019
Updated 23 rd Oct 2019

Of the record breaking 3,804 cheese entries at this year’s World Cheese Awards, Errington Cheese came out on top as Best Scottish Cheese and won a gold medal for their Corra Linn Fromage, as well as receiving a Silver award their for Wee Welston, and Bronze for their Elrick Log and Goats Curd cheeses.

Working with cheesemakers, retailers, buyers and consumers of cheese for over three decades, the World Cheese Awards, which were visiting Italy for the first time, took place on the 18th of October and saw the judging of cheeses from over 42 countries as part of Bergamo’s annual FORME cheese festival.

This small company from Carnwath, South Lanarkshire, are ecstatic over the win at the global event and are delighted that their hard work and determination has paid off.

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Director of Errington Cheese, Selina Cairns, daughter of the founder Humphrey Errington, said: “We could not be any more pleased with what we have managed to achieve at this year’s World Cheese Awards. After a few setbacks, we have managed to come back bigger and better than ever.

"We care about our craft and will continue to serve our customers with high-quality cheeses for many years to come.”

Corra Linn was first produced by Errington Cheese in 2008 as the solution to a problem of having a surplus of sheep’s milk in the spring and early summer. They began Cheesemaking in 1983 on a small scale and there are currently around 350 Lacaune dairy sheep on their farm and have recently acquired a small herd of dairy goats to increase the numbers to keep up with demand.

The news follows the acquisition of a herd of goats as the Lanarkshire based company looked to revamp its product menu, following a tough period for the firm when it won a legal fight with South Lanarkshire Council, which wanted its products declared unsafe to eat due to an outbreak in E-Coli.

The Yorkshire Dairy Goats are from a High Health Status Herd in Yorkshire, and enable the firm to produce goat’s milk cheese that will be available from the autumn.

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