Bross Bagels partners with Gilded Balloon to create exciting Edinburgh Festival pop-up

An iconic bagel shop in the capital has teamed up with a top events promoter at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe to launch an exciting new pop-up.

Published 2nd Aug 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Bross Bagels founder Larah Bross has partnered with Gilded Balloon to serve up her famous Montreal style bagels at the heart of Edinburgh’s Fringe festivities.

This year Gilded Balloon are presenting their largest programme to date across five different venue hubs with Bross Bagels served at the Museum, at the Rose Street Theatre in the New Town and at their newest venue Patter Hoose on Chambers Street.

The pop-up will be housed in a container at the top of south college street; outside one of Gilded Balloon’s largest venues in the Museum. This site will open every day from 10am-1am throughout the fringe in August.

Bross Bagels Edinburgh Festival

The Bross Bagels pop-up Container. 

Throughout the festival they will be offering a special Edinburgh festival limited edition bagel at the container and all Bross Bagels shops throughout August.

Priced at £6.75 and dubbed The Rabbi Burns, it is an all day breakfast bagel complete with haggis, bacon, smoked applewood cheese, tattie scone and rock sauce.

The bagel specialists will also be doing two further pop-ups during this year’s festival; one at Gilded Balloon’s Rose Street Theatre cafe and another at Chambers Street Patter Hoose - GB’s newest fringe venue - with both open and serving signature Bross bagels from 10am to 3pm.

Larah Bross explained that her first job in Edinburgh was working for Gilded Balloon selling merchandise for Russell Howard & Tim Minchin, making the partnership a no-brainer, she said: "That summer inspired me to write my one woman show and pursue a career in comedy. Sadly Karen Koren (Artistic Director of Gilded Balloon) didn't think I was quite up to scratch to book me in the following fringe, but maybe that was for the best.

"Imagine if my career in comedy had taken off? The people of Scotland would never have gotten Bross Bagels. Everything happens for a reason and I am thrilled to be partnering with the Fringe force that is Gilded Balloon. I got there in the end - full circle (in the shape of a Montreal style bagel)."

Karen Koren, artistic director, founder and creative force behind the Gilded Balloon added: "Larah worked for Gilded Balloon back in 2006 and I recognised back then that she was a talented and ambitious girl.

"It was a great delight that I discovered that she started her own bagel business and what amazing bagels they are. They are delicious and I'm delighted to partner with them at this year's Fringe."

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