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Survive the Christmas period with Winter by Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols introduces their Winter Hub, designed to help individuals glide through the festivities and survive Christmas day in an effortlessly stylish manner.

Published: December 7, 2015

The festive season brings the same sense of anticipation, pressures and potentially embarrassing situations that somehow, we’re never quite prepared for. From serving an extravagant fruity cocktail to an avid whisky drinker or frantically grabbing the last bouquet of flowers at the petrol station for the mother-in-law, Christmas can sometimes seem very overwhelming.

Art of Whisky - Importance of fragrance in whisky tasting

This year, Harvey Nichols want to rectify this through Winter by Harvey Nichols. A hub specially designed to help individuals glide through the festivities and survive Christmas day in an effortlessly stylish manner. By pinpointing key areas, this definitive guide focusses on all things winter related, neatly wrapped into a number of festive articles.

Christmas parties

‘Tis the season for friends and family. With so many social engagements to juggle, it’s all too easy to accidentally triple book and find yourself in need of a nap come Christmas Day. However, there are a number of ways you can handle the party season in style. We share what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what to buy and what to serve.


Within the guide, popular blogger, Mademoiselle Robot, shares her thoughts: “You can most definitely perfect perfection when hosting a dinner party. It doesn't mean everything needs to be formal and stuck up, but you do need to pay attention to details. When I have people over for Christmas drinks or dinner parties, I like to make them feel at home. Think about your table setting, think about the music, the atmospheric scents and of course the food! No need for complicated canapés, wholesome, hearty family fare with a twist is always a winner.”

Winter shopping

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Does the thought of ‘Winter Shopping’ fill you with horror? Do alarm bells start ringing as you picture masses of overheated, carrier-bag-wielding shoppers, aggressively elbowing their way through the hoards? Let us save you from despair. Our winter shopping guide will treat you to a whole different experience.

Dress + Clutch

Winter beauty

Winter is beautiful, but winter beauty can often feel like hard work. Hairstyles are destroyed by gail force winds, lips are so chapped you can’t remember what lipstick feels like, your eyes are weeping and your cheeks have turned an unsightly shade of fire engine red. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our winter beauty guide will help you through.

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Within the guide, popular blogger, Fashion For Lunch, shares her thoughts: “When my skin needs a treat and my mood needs lifting, I always reach for skin care products which are rich, nourishing and smell divine. I also love to use products which remind me of my favourite spas, as the fragrance reminds me of weekends of indulgence.”

Christmas Day

The big day is drawing near, and final preparations are in place. You know what you’re wearing, the presents are safely under the tree and you’ve stashed away some bottles of emergency bubbly.

But no matter how well you’ve prepared, there’s always the chance of a hiccup that leaves you frantically running around. In the final guide in our winter survival kit, we’ve got everything you’ll need to be ready, whatever happens.

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A spokesperson from Harvey Nichols stated: “Winter by Harvey Nichols was designed to put the fun back in to the festive season. We not only want to help our shoppers survive, but to make them smile while they do it, bringing benefit to our consumers in the form of Christmas day drink ideas, alternative Christmas dinner suggestions, and much more.

“Winter by Harvey Nichols has everything you need to have the best Christmas possible, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We hope it helps everyone have a very merry Christmas.”

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