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Saison D'Étre, Alechemy, beer review

Shawn Richmond discovers another reason why, for him, Alechemy are the perfect brewery

Published: October 9, 2015


Beer: Saison D'Étra

Brewery: Alechemy

Style: Hoppy Pale Saison

Abv: 4.5%

Description: A light refreshing saison made with mountains of late hops for a lightly bitter but very full flavour and aroma

Alechemy, for me, are the perfect brewery. They make “craft beer” but also make some of the best real ale around and are perfectly at home at a CAMRA real ale festivals as they are at craft beer festivals.

I believe this is down to Head Brewer and Director James Davis. I brought this up when I had a chance to speak to him at the Great Scottish Beer Celebration in Glasgow. Like me, he puts beers into 2 categories, good beer, and bad beer!

I found it hard to pick a beer to review from Alechemy, I always have at least one of their beers in the flat.
Sitting down to write this I have 3 beers from Alechemy sitting in my fridge:

Saison D'Étra Hoppy Pale Saison

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Bad Day at the Office

Citra Burst IPA

I decided to go for the saison because few I’ve never had it before.
I don’t know what it is with saisons at the moment but they’ve become really popular.

With saisons being trendy and in “season”, I’ll be reviewing The Farmer by Fyne Ales that I was lucky enough to try at its launch at their brewery. It’s a 7.4% beast that’s too easy to drink.

Back to the beer, it pours a hazy cloudy golden colour with off white head. There was a lot of flavour in the head. A teaser to what lies beneath.

The aroma

On the nose I got citric and floral hops with yeast.

The taste

On my first hit I got the citrus straight away, lemon peel and grapefruit. There are also hops with hints of spice that run through this, start to finish and I love it.

This is a cracking saison and perfect for someone that’s never tired one.

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