Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network create UK's biggest jeely piece

The Monster Jeely Piece challenge pulled into Waverley station this afternoon as Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network (ESEN) teamed up with Breadshare and Tiphereth in a Jar to stage the creation of the biggest jeely piece (jam sandwich) to date in the UK.

Published 9th Oct 2015
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

The staged event took place in Waverley Station at the “LocalMotive Markets” site, alongside platform 2 where the new Borders Railway now comes in.

The challenge launches the “Eat the Good Stuff” campaign which aims to promote the range of high quality food social enterprises in Edinburgh.

Before the event, Linsay Chalmers, Network Coordinator said: “Weeks of preparation and logistical planning have gone into this world first “monster jeely piece” attempt. There has been a lot to consider for the Breadshare and Tiphereth social enterprise teams who have calculated the jeely piece will be 1.8m x 1.6m in size and will need 12 kilos of strawberry jam to make it possible."

FREE PICTURE: Monster Jeely Piece Challenge at Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network's "Eat The Good Stuff" Launch, Fri 9/10/15: Master-Piece: jam-maker Craig McCormack from Tiphereth (correct) Trading social enterprise group gets a bite of the Monster Jeely Piece Challenge. Pictured with ESEN mascot Dougie GoodStuff. The UK's largest jelly piece (jelly sandwich) is unveiled by master foodcrafters and Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network (ESEN) at Edinburgh's Waverley Station Market, to promote Edinburgh’s food social enterprises and their “Eat the Good Stuff” campaign. The Monster Jeely Piece Challenge is launched by ESEN with Breadshare and Tiphereth in a Jar at Waverley Station's “LocalMotive Markets” site, alongside platform 2 where the new Borders Railway starts and finishes. The monster sani is 1.8m x 1.6m large , and is made with 12 kilos of organic strawberry jam. It was later cut up into 768 individual sandwiches to share with rail travellers, staff and passers-by. More information from: Fiona Stewart, InterWoven PR - 07940 560 453 - fiona@booktrawler.com Photography from: Colin Hattersley Photography - colinhattersley@btinternet.com - www.colinhattersley.com - 07974 957 388

Jam-maker Craig McCormack from Tiphereth with ESEN mascot Dougie GoodStuff. Picture: Colin Hattersley

Linsay added: “We are keen to promote Edinburgh’s food social enterprises through our “Eat the Good Stuff” campaign and be the first in the UK to create a giant jeely piece - especially as it is Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink – we felt we had to mark the occasion with some great local and organic foodie, social enterprise produce.”

“And next year we hope to have a monster scone bake-off” with some of our other social enterprises.”

The monster piece was later cut up into 768 individual sandwiches to share with rail travellers, staff and passers-by.

Juliet Donnachie, Station Manager, Waverley Station said: “Edinburgh Waverley is Scotland’s largest station so it’s only fitting it should also be home to the country’s biggest jeely piece. The market has been a popular addition to the station over the past year and events like this add a little unexpected fun to passengers’ journeys.”

Edinburgh is home to food social enterprises of all shapes and sizes including cafes, pubs and fair trade distributors. The campaign aims to place the spotlight on these food organisations and introduce the people of Edinburgh to the top quality and socially good products that they offer.

There are now over 200 social enterprises in Edinburgh with a wide range of products from culinary and craft to recycling, well-being, and sport - and new products are coming to the fore each week.

The “buy the good stuff” sticker campaign indicates to shoppers and visitors the wide range and diversity of businesses promoting social enterprise whilst highlighting the beautiful and unique products on offer and the stickers will help recognise those businesses with ease.

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