Buffet restaurant named best in Scotland in national awards - as Glasgow chef wins food influencer

A buffet restaurant in Edinburgh has been named best in Scotland at the annual Golden Chopsticks Awards.

Published 2nd May 2024
Updated 2 nd May 2024

Edinburgh multi-cuisine buffet restaurant COSMO Authentic World Kitchen has been named as the Best Restaurant in Scotland by The Golden Chopsticks Awards, co-founded by Gok Wan to recognise outstanding East and South East Asian cuisine. 

The restaurant group also took home Best Multi-Site venue, with 22 sites across the UK. 

With venues in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, COSMO offers over 150 dishes in a self-service style world kitchen.

On the night, Glasgow chef Julie Lin won the Food Influencer Award.

buffet restaurant best in Scotland

Kan Koo, partner at COSMO said: “We are delighted to have COSMO officially crowned Best Restaurant in Scotland by the prestigious Golden Chopsticks Awards.

"Standards were so high across all of the categories this year so we're really thrilled to be chosen by the public amongst some fierce competition.

"As a multi-cuisine restaurant, we strive to offer our guests the very best handpicked dishes from across Asia, so we're delighted to have our Teppanyaki and Chinese menus recognised in this way by these national awards. "

Posting on her social media Julie Lin said of her award: “Where to begin with gratitude! First of all I’d like like say something I forgot to during my speech because I was over excited.

"I'd like to dedicate my award to Chef Ken Hom who has been on our screens for FORTY years and giving so many people who look like me inspiration to pursue a dream. You are the original influence and inspiration. And someone I’ll forever look up to!

“During my speech I thanked the beautiful souls that are Lucy, Sarah and Gok. Who created these awards that celebrate East and South East Asian success all over the UK. It takes brilliant minds like there’s to put this on a platform to celebrate others. THEN there are the judges who voted who inspire us all to be better, leaders in their fields!

“And lastly I have absolutely no idea how the algorithm works. I just post things that bring me joy, and it is an absolute pleasure to spread Asian joy on here.”

COSMO All You Can Eat World Buffet Restaurant | Edinburgh, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, UK
COSMO All You Can Eat World Buffet Restaurant | Edinburgh, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, UK, EH1 3AA
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