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Weetabix social team are back with another weird breakfast suggestion that's causing a stir on Twitter

Published: February 25, 2021
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The Weetabix social team are back and causing another stir on Twitter with another strange topping for the breakfast biscuit.

Earlier this month, a tweet from Weetabix went viral on Twitter as it showed a picture of the cereal topped with Heinz beans, suggesting this as a breakfast option.

This led to replies from multiple other brands including Yorkshire Tea, Simon Howie Butchers, BrewDog, Nandos and Which?

Now the brand is back tweeting another strange topping - Weetaix and cheese - to celebrate national toast day.

The tweet reads: "It might be #NationalToastDay but are you still wondering why bread should have all the fun?
@CathedralCity on Weetabix is actually where it's at these days 🧀 Brunch of champions 💪🏼 #HaveYouHadYourWeetabix"

This too has resulted in many replies from followers including other brands such as PG Tips tea and Warburtons - who've started trading cheese puns with Weetabix.

PG Tips replied: "Now you'll definitely need a cuppa to wash that down!!"

Warburtons wrote: "@CathedralCity and our Toastie loaf brie-long together" before adding: "We're getting a little feta up with your antics now @weetabix! First Beanz and now cheese... you've got to brie kidding"

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Marmite added: "Add a little something dark and yeasty between the bix and the cheese and we have something superb!"

Shake Shack burger chain posted: "Why stop there? Smack our burger patty in there, slather our ShackSauce on top...At this point, the options are endless. #ReinventBreakfast #shakeshackuk"

While McVities said: "Cheese on a digestive sounds unBRIElievably good "

Replies from the public weren't as enthusiastic with one follower writing: "I think you need to give yourselves a good talking to. Weetabix and milk - excellent. Cathedral City on bread - excellent. Weetabix and cheese? Are you out of your minds?"

Another added: "Can you just please stop this. You're destroying a nation. Milk and sugar. Nothing else needed."

Some were keen to tag other brands and suggested HP sauce or Marmite be added to the combo.

Weetabix 'wins Twitter' by starting hilarious multi-brand chat online over Heinz beans breakfast picture

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