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Waitrose rush to restock sold-out avocado chocolate Easter eggs

Waitrose has been forced to carry out an “emergency restocking operation” after one of its own brand Easter eggs sold out in a buying frenzy.

Published: March 21, 2018
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The avocado-shaped Easter egg was snapped up by shoppers across the country – who flocked to grab themselves a piece of the festive treat.

The £8 egg is designed to look like half of the fruit with a Belgian dark chocolate shell, white chocolate middle with green colouring to look like flesh and an inner cocoa-dusted “stone”.

It was launched just a month ago but demand is so great that the avocado eggs have sold out in stores across the country and were not available online either.

114-year record

Waitrose is now frantically attempting to restock the confection in several stores after it proved to be the most popular own-brand egg in its 114-year history.

A Waitrose spokesperson, Elizabeth Sutcliffe, said: “Our chocolate avocados have been a phenomenal hit with customers who are hunting for them in Waitrose branches across the UK.

“Although some of our branches may not have them in stock today, we are expecting the majority of shops to have some more in by the weekend.

“But avo-ficionados will need to be quick, as they are selling fast and we expect them all to be snapped up before Easter.”

No avocado flavour

The Waitrose chocolate does not contain any real avocado or its flavour – but that didn’t seem to be putting off shoppers.

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Retail analyst Richard Hyman said: “This sounds like a real fad that has perhaps taken Waitrose by surprise.

“The main problem that retail normally faces today is ending up with unsold stock, not selling out of things.”

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