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Video: This Glasgow chippy serves a deep-fried Mars Bar calzone containing your entire daily calorie intake

A Glasgow takeaway has launched a deep fried Mars Bar calzone containing nearly 2,000 calories.

Published: October 6, 2018
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Described as a ‘Glaswegian twist’ on the Italian food it is served with grated almonds on top of the pizza dough, caramel sauce and a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

It is packed with Mars

Bar chunks then cooked in batter and dubbed by its owners as the "Mars-gherita Pizza".

With an estimated 1,973 calories packed into the snack, sold at Roman’s Pizzeria in Merchant City, locals have been flocking to try it.

'Why not put a deep fried Mars Bar in a calzone?'

Roman’s general manager, Fraser Walker, said the idea behind the deep fried Mars Bar calzone came from a simple conversation with the head chef.

The 36-year-old, from Kelvindale, Glasgow, said: "Well the shop has been open here for about five and a half months and we wanted to bring out something different.

The 'Mars-gherita Pizza' contains nearly 2,000 calories Picture: SWNS

"This is because we are known for our Roman-style pizza, and after speaking to the chef about different ideas we came up with that.

"We've seen restaurants adding Nutella in a calzone so we just thought the deep fried mars bar is a Scottish thing. So why not put it in a calzone?

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"It's definitely not a dessert for someone who is on a diet.

"I would say people should share it because it's very sweet unless you have a sweet tooth or are really hungry."

2,000 calories

Costing £4.50, the calzone has been a hit with punters, with one person even asking a relative to send a pizza to Germany.

Head chef, Dawid Radzinski, said: "I've been a chef for 20 years and what we've done is completely original.

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"When I first made it, we all tried it together and we all loved it. The dessert has been here since Monday and people think it's really tasty.

"I think this was a great idea"

Deep-fried Mars Bar calzone recipe and calories:

12" pizza dough = 120 calories

Two deep fried mars bars = 1,200 calories

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Caramel sauce 100g = 300 calories

One tablespoon (12.6g) of sugar = 48 calories

A handful of almonds = 162 calories

One scoop of chocolate ice cream = 143 calories

Total = 1,973 calories

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