Two Scottish pizzerias named among UK’s top ten according to TripAdvisor

Two popular Scottish pizzerias have been named in the UK’s top 10 by review site TripAdvisor.

Published 16th Oct 2018
Updated 15 th Sep 2023

TripAdvisor announces the UK’s best rated pizzerias, based on the reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travellers.

One of the simplest of dishes but also one of the most delicious, TripAdvisor has revealed the top 10 places to grab a slice of pizza that the UK has to offer - based on the “reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travellers”.

The top pizzerias were determined by taking into account the quality and quantity of reviews and great pizza reviews, with more weight to reviews from in the past year.

Glasgow's ever popular Paesano made it to third on the list, with Edinburgh institution Civerinos placing at seventh, showing that Scots can mix it up with the best when it comes to creating the perfect slice.

Glasgow also came second behind Bath as the best place in the UK to get a pizza (TABLE BELOW), while Stirling came 10th beating out other Scottish cities like Aberdeen and Edinburgh as well as English cities like Liverpool and Birmingham.


TripAdvisor reviewers gushed about both pizzerias with one saying that they try and go to Paesano at least "once a week" and that they get "withdrawals" if it’s longer than that.

Another well travelled reviewer - and self confessed “pizza connoisseur” - stated that they could “confidently” say that Civerinos offers “one of the best pizzas” they had ever tasted.


1. Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza – Manchester

Located in Ancoats, the area of Manchester formerly known as Little Italy in the late 19th century, the guys at Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza stick to traditional Neapolitan techniques. The dough is made fresh every day and is fermented for 24 hours to make sure it’s just right.

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2. Double Zero 00 Neapolitan Pizza – Manchester

This pizzeria is named after the flour used for its much loved pizza base dough – ‘00’ is the grade given to the finest milled grain on the Italian flour scale. The pizza dough at Double Zero is fermented for a minimum of 48 hours then stretched by hand and cooked in a wood-fired oven imported directly from the home of pizza – Naples.

3. Paesano – Glasgow

Scottish Pizzerias
Picture: Paesano

At Paesano, pizzas are cooked in Artisan built wood fired ovens from Naples in an open kitchen where diners can see their pizzas being prepared. There is a choice of nine toppings variations on the menu as well as specials which are rotated regularly.

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4. The Oven Pizzeria – Bath

This pizzeria is an independent, family run business serving up Neapolitan style pizzas with dough that is raised for 36-40 hours. Pizza options include those with a tomato base and no cheese, a tomato base topped with mozzarella, a mozzarella base and no tomato sauce and calzone style, a folded pizza which is served with a rocket salad.

5. The White Rabbit – Oxford

The White Rabbit is an independent pub in the centre of Oxford, passionate about the combination of a pizza and a pint. Ingredients are carefully selected by their Italian head chef and ingredients are imported from Italy every week. There are no fewer than 20 choices on the menu including the intriguing Mad Hatter Calzone for which the toppings are kept as a surprise.

6. Dough Pizza Restaurant – Bath

Dough is run by the southern Italian duo, Emiliano Tunno and Massimo Nucaro who have a passion for creating innovations in dough that UK has never seen before. The extensive dough selection at this pizzeria includes hemp, turmeric, seaweed and black rice, as well as the traditional sourdough.

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7. Civerinos – Edinburgh

Scottish Pizzerias
Picture: TripAdvisor

Opened in 2015, Civerinos evolved into a restaurant from a street food cart set-up by Nonno Marino Massari when he left the turmoil of World War II for Scotland.

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8. The Real Italian Pizza Co – Bath

Pizza at family-run The Real Italian Pizza Co is made the traditional Italian way: thin & crispy, with simple fresh toppings, and baked in a wood-fired oven. Opened in 2007, owners Francesca Addabbo and Timothy Coffey could see that Bath had already several pizza offerings, but Francesca was keen to introduce people to the pizzas she remembered from her childhood in Italy.

9. Crust – Liverpool

Based on Liverpool’s bustling Bold Street, as its name suggests, the pizza crust plays a starring role at this restaurant, with a choice of five different types including five grain, black dough and organic – all served up from a wood-fired oven.

10. Calabrisella Cardiff – Cardiff

Calabrisella is named after the traditional clothing worn by women in the Calabria region of Italy and promises to offer diners a taste experience of Calabria in Cardiff. The restaurant is owned by three high school friends; Salvo, Angelo and Domenico, who came to Cardiff to learn English and 10 years later, Calabrisella was opened.

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