Best places to buy ice cream in Glasgow and the west

It's getting warmer as the summer begins to arrive, here's our pick of some of the best places to cool off with some great tasting ice cream:

Published 14th May 2015
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

1. Nardini's, Largs

The Esplanade Cafe, 2 Greenock Road, Largs, North Ayrshire, KA30 8NF

Perhaps the most famous ice cream parlour on this list, Nardini's is practically an institution in itself. Set on the waterfront in the heart of the coastal town of Largs. The landmark art deco building was refurbished in 2008 (it's been around since 1935) and offers some of the tastiest ice cream in a classic seaside setting.

With the 32-flavour ice cream menu, the biggest problem you'll have is choosing which you want most.


Picture: Nardini's


2.  Varani, Kilmarnock

37 High Glencairn St, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 4AE

Self-styled 'best ice cream in Ayrshire', Varani has been a smash hit with residents of Kilmarnock for over 50 years.

There are close to 50 flavours available each day with the owners not afraid to try out a new flavour. They take pride in their patient approach to making each and every flavour.

Picture: Varani's

Picture: Varani's

3. Lime Tree, Kilbirnie

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Auchencloigh Farm, Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire, KA25 7LJ

Lime Tree Larder was set up in 2004 when the Wilsons, seeing an opportunity, converted their disused barn into a chocolate and ice cream making emporium. The name comes from the small row of lime trees, planted in 1927, that lead up to the barn.

Lime tree make all of their own ice cream on site and offer everything from vanilla to white mint with dark chocolate flakes.

Lime tree larder

Picture: Lime Tree


4. Crollas Gelateria, Glasgow

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221 Byres Road | Hillhead, Glasgow G21 2UD

This is just one eatery from the well known restauranteur Italian family. Founded by Serafina Crolla in 1895, great-grandson Peter now runs the store that sells an array of desserts with an almost limitless selection of ice creams.

They are also famous for their Cold Stone Creations, where flavour, toppings and sauces are fused together in front of the customer's eyes.

Picture: Crolla's

Picture: Crolla's

5. Mancini's, Ayr

11 - 15 New Road, Ayr, KA8 8DA

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Opened in 1925, Mancini's of Ayr has been run by four generations of the same family. Producing high quality products ranging from dairy and non-dairy ice cream, fresh fruit sorbets and Italian high quality frozen desserts, Mancini's have almost 200 flavours of ice cream and they even offer ice cream wedding cakes!

Picture: Mancini's

Picture: Mancini's

6.  Renaldo's, Ayr

98 Sandgate, Ayr, KA7 1BX

The shop has been in existence since the 1920's, staying in the same family and being passed down through the generations.

Their product is referred to as Italian Ices, rather than Ice Cream, because it contains no additives and is less than 3 per cent fat. Even though it is a healthier option to traditional ice cream, it still packs a lot of flavour and customers seldom have cause for complaint.


Picture: Renaldo's


7. Flavour Ravers, Glasgow

1351 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G14 9UZ

This parlour is family friendly with deals available that won't be too hard on your wallet.

Aside from a wide range of ice creams to choose from, it also stocks other desserts and even some classic sweeties. A must for those who possess a sweet tooth.

Picture: Flavour Ravers

Picture: Flavour Ravers


8. Esplanade Cafe, Greenock

3 Campbell street, Greenock PA16 8AN

"Probably the best ice cream in Inverclyde." This cafe also serves a cooked breakfast but they pride themselves on their iced treats.

Owned by the Medinelli family, it has served the Greenock community for over 70 years, and while it has been rebuilt and renovated, it's always stayed in the same location.


Picture: Esplanade Cafe

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