Supper Club: A first look at the exciting new Nico Simeone restaurant concept

Renowned Glasgow chef Nico Simeone has has announced the launch of his latest innovative restaurant concept, Supper Club by Nico. 

Published 21st Mar 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Described as a 'restaurant without walls', the new concept involves a network of like-minded foodies coming together for exclusive, salon-style soirees in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

The talented chef, who is behind several successful restaurants including Six by Nico and 111 by Nico, wants to attract diners using a diverse menu and a 'unique sense of whimsy'.

Supper Club by Nico
Picture: Supper Club by Nico

The modern supper club launches at the end of March with a ten-course banquet held in the new restaurant located at on Nithsdale Road in Glasgow's Southside.

Chef Nico Simeone said: "Supper Club gives us the space to play with our own canvas. We love what we do in our other restaurants across Glasgow and the new Supper Club will take it one step further, elevate our offering and showcase some extra special food for guests to enjoy every Friday and Saturday."

The restaurateur added that he wants guests to enjoy cutting edge, ever evolving dining concepts, with each of Supper Club's menus aiming to take guests 'by surprise' and cooking periods and menu prices will vary with each concept.

Taking place on Friday March 29th, the first edition will feature a ten course tasting menu that includes crispy pig head, lovage & sour kohlrabi; Aged Beef, Fermented pepper, Smoked marrow; 24 month Comte, Truffle royale, Sourdough; Salmon Tartare, Sorrel, Wild rice, Fennel & Apple dressing; Barbecue Heritage potato, Smoked caviar, Celeriac espuma & Wild garlic; Cod, Brown butter, Caper, Brown shrimp, Jerusalem artichoke; Duck, Spiced Plum, Brassica’s & Duck sauce; Raw ewes milk Basajo cheese, Golden raisin & Quince, Lavosh cracker; Forced rhubarb, White asparagus foam, Blood orange & olive oil cake and finally, a Malt & Sea Buckthorn ice cream sandwich.

Supper Club by Nico will be open on Friday and Saturday's only with a limited number of bookings available for each sitting. The inaugural ten course tasting menu will be priced at £45 per person with paired wines priced at £35. The menu will run from Friday March 29th - Saturday April 27th 2019.

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