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Scottish 'flavabomb king' chef shares how to create favourite dishes at home

Known for his pop-up restaurant - Flavabomb kitchen project - chef Liam Mcalpine has taken to social media to show how to make favourite dishes at home.

Published: April 8, 2020
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With restaurants and bars set to remain closed for the foreseeable, many of us cooking at home and looking for new dishes to try - some of which we'd usually be enjoying while out.

With this in mind, chef and 'flavabomb king' Liam Mcalpine, has taken to his Instagram to share cookery videos.

Dishes, which can easily be made at home, featured so far include Nasi Goreng, super quick red pesto, Naan bread pizza and flaming hot monster munch and chorizo chips.

Diners who have visited Liam's pop up restaurant at the Balcony Cafe in Glasgow's Climbing Centre will know his quirky cooking style and passion for seasonal ingredients with unusual additions or 'flavabombs'.

Former TV chef Liam said this of his quarantine kitchen videos: "I started making the videos because I’ve been asked a lot for recipes, and I think this is because I am a wee bit different to other chefs as all my dishes have a Flavabomb twist.

"There's a point of reference that I can pin point and describe to people, either how I got to that point or how they can achieve it.
"Like at the Flavabomb project kitchen, every dish has a story or a reason and I want to share these recipes with whoever will listen or wants to know.
"The world needs to know Flavabombs ( flavourbombs) are for everyone, they aren’t a kitchen secret!"
To watch more of Liam's recipes, follow along on Instagram.

The Flavabomb Kitchen Project

The monthly pop up, known as the Flavabomb project kitchen, has a set tasting menu of five courses, which are kept secret until the night, with only key ingredients revealed beforehand.

Speaking about the Flavabomb Project Kitchen, Liam said: “The flavabomb kitchen project lets me offer an event that is the closest thing to owning my own restaurant, it puts me in charge of every aspect, from the plates to the produce even down to the art on the wall.

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“I love this concept as I am a very creative person, and love the idea of creating new dishes for every event. I am all about flavourbombs, I hate it when dishes taste the same on the first bit to the last so I enjoy creating little notes of amazing flavour that stand out and make you want to go in for more."

The last Flavabomb Project Kitchen was a celebration of Scottish seafood, and took place in February.

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