Scots 'spend just 33 minutes on their work lunch break'

The average Scot spends just 33 minutes on their lunch break on an average working day, according to a new report. 

Published 20th Jul 2017
Updated 20 th Jul 2017

Described by the research team as ‘Al-Desco’ dining, the study found that the majority of people are failing to take a break throughout the day with only two in ten (22 per cent) Brits surveyed managing to take a full hour for lunch, while over three quarters of Scots (66 per cent) said they do not dedicate a full hour for their lunch break, with the average office worker taking less than 30 minutes for lunch.

Of those surveyed, 51 per cent of employees believe they have too much work on to take a break and the majority (83 per cent) rarely venture outside of their office for fresh air.

Alarmingly, according to the survey, 4 per cent of Brits admitted to being worried about taking a proper lunch break for fear it will make them look bad in front of their colleagues.

Picture: TSPL

Around two thirds of those surveyed admitted they work through their entire lunch break, according to a poll of 2,000 full-time workers by crisp brand Kettle Chips, who created the survey in a bid to encourage people to upgrade their lunchtime and make the most of their midday break.

Research also reveals the average working Brit will eat the same meal for lunch three times a week.

The average Scot typically has a sandwich for lunch (46 per cent), followed by a meal deal (22 per cent) and leftover food from the night before (15 per cent)

Two-thirds (67 per cent) of employees are eating ‘Al-Desco’ every day (lunching at their desk), whilst three in ten reply to emails or pick up their work phone while taking a break.

They're also much more likely to eat alone, with 65 per cent reporting doing so.

Results from the study revealed that Brits working through their full lunch hour is equal to 271 days (three quarters of a year) free work over the course of a lifetime.

In fact, findings revealed that over half of Brits (63 per cent) admitted they work through their entire lunch break and shockingly 6 per cent admitted taking a shorter lunch break just to please their boss.

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Kettle Chips spokesperson Kizzy Lilburne said: “We want to remind people that lunch is not just important as a way to refuel, but that it also gives people the chance to take a break and see something different.

"We are encouraging people to find that sometimes elusive patch of grass and make time at least once a week for a lunchtime treat, whether finding the time to relax or switching the soggy sandwich for something more exciting”

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