Refuelling during the Edinburgh Festival: Quick bites

Published 20th Jul 2017
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Edinburgh will soon be awash with curious tourists and jubilant Scots enjoying what the Edinburgh Festival has to offer.

The population of the city is said to double during the month of August, which means that every establishment will no doubt be looking to turn custom around quickly.

With all of this happening you'll need some places to stop and grab a quick bite so you can keep up with the tempo.

Tempting Tattie

(18 Jeffrey St, Edinburgh EH1 1DT)

Quick bites
Picture: Tempting Tattie

The Tempting Tattie on Jeffrey street is the perfect place to swing by on your way to a show to grab a top-notch tattie.

The portions here are herculean so be warned that a medium is more than enough unless you're really hungry.

With a huge array of options for fillings such as cheese, haggis and beans, the eponymous tatties are particularly satisfying the morning after a heavy night.

The Tempting Tattie works best as some scrumptious pre-pub soak-age though, there's no danger of needing to leave the show early after devouring one of these succulent spuds.

Mosque Kitchen

(31-33 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX)

Picture: Mosque Kitchen

Mosque Kitchen on Nicholson Square is a great spot to drop in for some authentic South-East Asian grub.

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The cuisine here explodes with flavour and the food is prepared in little next to no time while the value is remarkable.

A chicken curry for £5.50 is more than affordable if you're on a budget and very seldom is something so cheap so good.

The focus here is on the food, whether it be the curries or the delectable seekh kebabs. This is perfect as a hangover cure or to give you a boost between shows.

French Connection

(1 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HY)

Picture: Trip Advisor Traveler

French Connection is a little food carriage that opens up on the Grassmarket during the festival season and serves some high calibre French street food.

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The burgers are particularly pleasant after some scoops in one of the market's pubs.

It is perfect for filling your belly before making the ancient pilgrimage from the Grassmarket to the Cowgate.

It'll keep you ticking over while you bask in the electric atmosphere of the Fringe and your taste buds will be left buzzing until you sip your next pint.

The Black Fox

(17 Albert Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5HN)

Picture: Trip Adivsor Traveler

The Black Fox on Elm Row is a bit out of the town centre but well worth a look in if you're nearby. This Gastropub serves some excellent, if enormous, burgers and they are topped with some premium trimmings.

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The draughts go well with a burger smothered in BBQ pulled pork and the service is both friendly and efficient.

The food is slightly pricier than the other entries on this list, but it is worth it.

The bar is usually alive with a bubbly ambiance as well so it will certainly put you in the mood to take the night by the proverbial horns.

Taco Mazama

(95/96A Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2EU)

Picture: Taco Mazama

Taco Mazama on Princes Street is a Mexican restaurant which is good for a quick lunch with your friends before darting off to catch the next show.

The burritos are cheap, fast and healthy which means not only are you getting quality food for decent value, you don't have to feel bad about it either.

Mexican cuisine has taken off in recent years and it is abundantly clear why.

Little places such as Taco Mazama provide delicious, flavoursome food which can be eaten on-the-go or enjoyed as a main meal.

Definitely worth a brief stop as you traverse the streets from show to show or pub to pub.

Dough Pizzeria

(172 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 4BA)

Picture: Trip Advisor Traveler

Dough Pizzaria on Rose Street is a perfect stop for some takeaway while your enjoying your day off work and absorbing the Festival culture.

You can sit down outside in the sun, though seating is limited, or you can take it with you and take a gander around town. It is quite possibly the best pizza in Edinburgh and it's also fantastic value.

A 14” pizza for between £8 and £14 is pretty agreeable considering the standard of the food and the lunch deal of any 10” for half the price can't be beat for value.

Journalism intern at The Scotsman. 21. Student at Dublin City University. Born in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lover of arts, culture, lifestyle and news. All views expressed are my own.
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