As part of the Edinburgh Evening New's search to find the best Chippie of 2018, we asked our readers to vote for their favourite local fish and chip shop - here are the top 10.

From a list of over 80, we’ve narrowed the final shortlist down to just 10 thanks to the public vote, with the winner set to be announced by our sister the Edinburgh Evening News next week.

Here are the favourites (in alphabetical order).

Ali’s Fish Bar

(59 Pennywell Road,  EH4 4DD)

Picture: Ali’s Facebook


Bene’s Fish and Chips

(162 Canongate, EH8 8DD)

Picture: Bene’s



(56 Clerk Street, EH20 9RG)

Picture: Dino’s


Duddingston Fry

(195 Duddingston Park South, EH15 3EJ)

Picture: Zomato


Franco’s Chip Shop

(5-7 Comely Bank Road, EH4 1DR)


Javit’s Takeaway 

(Unit 38, West Side Plaza, EH14 2SW)



(27 High Street, EH21 7AD)

Picture: Jaz’s


Rainbow Restaurant

(106 High Street, EH21 7EA)




St Andrews

(284 Portobello High St, EH15 2AT)

Edinburgh chippies

Picture: Trip Advisor


Cafe Piccante

(19 Broughton Street, EH1 3JU)

Edinburgh chippies

Picture: Trip Advisor

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