The team at Glasgow's Drugstore Social have created this classic recipe for a Daiquiri for us.

The cocktail experts at the Drugstore Social said: “This is a perfectly balanced recipe for the Classic Daiquiri. The use of Caster Sugar rather than Sugar Syrup gives the drink a wonderful, almost sherbet-like texture.

“The addition of water is optional, but recommended if you’re using ice straight from the freezer that is ‘dry’.”


• 50ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

• 1 Heaped Teaspoon of Caster Sugar

• 10ml Chilled Water

• 25ml Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice


Put the lime juice, water and caster sugar into a shaker (or jam jar if you don’t have one) and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add the Bacardi and plenty of ice.

Shake very hard and very fast to get the drink as cold as possible as quick as possible.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass



The Drugstore Social have expanded National Daiquiri Day to a week long celebration with a menu featuring no less than five different styles of daiquiri which will be available from Monday July 17th until Sunday 23rd.

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