Rate My Plate is the food page taking Facebook by storm

A food page is taking Facebook by storm as it asks members to post pictures of their meals to be rated by fellow users - leading to some hilarious responses.

Published 28th Feb 2019
Updated 1 st Mar 2019

The myriad entries that are posted by the group can often range from the good to the bad, to the downright weird.

However, the page, which has more than 1.8million followers, is famed for its scathing critiques and often hilarious responses to the dishes.

Though there are some genuine articles on offer, its the plates that are put together terribly, feature horrific combinations of ingredients or are just downright wrong that make the page so popular.

Here are some of our favourites...

Karen Carberry's Unicorn Cake

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

One user described this attempt at a Unicorn cake as "Peppa Pig on crack" while another said it had made her daughter cry.

User Chris Mahboobani simply posted this picture:

Spicy Noodles with Chilli Beef by Ebb S

Rate My Plate

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

The RMP community were less than impressed by Ebb's attempt at Asian cuisine.

Julz Williamson-Grafton wrote: "You need to rub your dogs nose in it or it wont learn."

While Sam Tantum added: "Since when did Super Noodles come in IBS flavour??"

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Chicken Dippers and Potatoe Waffles Stack with a Sprig of fresh Coriander and Tomatoe Ketchup by Alan W

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Alan W got creative with his freezer food and though Ryan Munday jokingly commented: "When you wanna be Gordon Ramsay but you live in a council estate..."

The official account of Birds Eye was on hand to offer their support for his efforts describing it as a "true masterpiece".

Jabbacado on toast by Andy K

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Stephen Robinson simply replied to Andy K's effort with: "Who you gonna call, 'Toast busters!'"

Cheese on Toast advance Level by Steve C

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Another example of ingenuity on the page was lauded for its preparation until people spotted the errant foot at the bottom of the pic.

The dish was jokingly described as "chess on toast" before another user responded: "Chess on toes more like."

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Chocolate Coated 'Bacun Strips' by Taren L

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

We don't know where to start with this one and neither did the group, though one user was prompted to post: "Bacon and chocolate go together like Electricity and Water."

Stegosaurus Cake by Bethy M

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Another attempt at a novelty cake, another hilarious result.

One person described it looking like what would happen if "Colin the Caterpillar came from Chernobyl”.

Pasta Surprise by Janine A

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Gareth Bradshaw posted: "'Love, we ain't got much in, what do you want for tea?'
'Whatever is in the cupboard.'
'Pasta and dog food it is then.'"

While another user quipped: "Pasta point of no return with that....."

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Pie, Mash & Liquor by Paul M

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

Mike Jones asked if this one was "BFG’s ears",  before another user joked that even the "pies were deflated" by this attempt.

Bacon, Eggs & Beans by Carol C

Picture: Rate My Plate Facebook

The plate that made Carol C infamous was one of the first to go viral with over 160,000 comments and even an appearance on This Morning on ITV.

Now famous within the community, Carol C's eggs saw one person comment: "What did you use to flip the eggs over with Carol? A whisk?"

While another suggested that "a good vet would have that pig back on it's feet..", when referring to the bacon.

Finally, one other commenter joked: "How do u like your eggs in the morning ? Not cooked by Carol that's for sure."



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