Pringles, pork scratchings and protein balls... this year's weirdest foodie advent calendars

Pringles, pork scratchings and protein balls, here are some of this year's oddest advent calendars.

Published 14th Nov 2018
Updated 14 th Nov 2018

The run up to Christmas can only mean one thing - advent calendars - and the current trend for adult versions has thrown up some weird and wonderful offerings.

McVitie's biscuit Advent Calendar 

(£9.99 at B&M)

Picture: B&M

Part of being British is knowing inherently that chocolate biscuits are always the best part of any working day; we just aren't sure they are the best way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas Day.

Merry Piggin' Christmas 

(£17.50 at

Fans of pub snacks shouldn't feel left out with this gourmet pork crackling calendar. A3 sized, behind each of the windows you'll find a little bag (with 6 different flavours) of these popular savoury snacks.

Protein Ball Calendar 

(£12.99 at

The healthier option for gym heads, this calendar comes with six flavours - including two vegan options - of bite sized protein balls.

Cheese advent calendar

(£8-10 from various retailers)

weirdest advent calendars

Featuring 24 individually wrapped cheeses, the calendar has a unique ‘book style’ packaging design, allowing one half to be torn off after the initial 12 days of Christmas to maximise fridge space (the designers were pretty thoughtful).

With seven styles, including a limited edition surprise cheese – the calendar offers Jarlsberg, Applewood, Ilchester Mature Cheddar, Ilchester Edam and limited edition Ilchester Wensleydale with gingerbread.

The Big Chilli Advent Calendar

(£29.95 from

weirdest advent calendars


Spicing things up this December (sorry we had to), this calendar will heat you up this Christmas (we promise we'll stop).

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Seriously though, any fans of spicy food will adore this calendar which features 24 individual chillis, including smoky Mexican chipotle, fiery Indian bhut jolokhia, and citrussy bullet chillies from China, as well as the infamous Carolina Reaper.

Merry Pringles

(£7.99 from B&M)

weirdest advent calendars

Picture: eBay

Returning due to popular demand, B&M are once again selling this crisp lovers' dream calendar.

Costing £7.99 this fun calendar is filled with 12 mini tubs of different flavoured Pringles. Be careful not to get carried away (once you pop and all that) and eat more than one on any given day though.

Gourmet popcorn advent calendar

(£25 from

Making its debut this year, Joe & Seph’s popcorn advent calendar features snack-sized packets of popcorn, including favourites such as – salted caramel, caramel and Belgian chocolate – and some never before tried flavours, such as cookies and cream, chocolate orange and banoffee pie - making it ideal for festive film nights.

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The Selfridges Mince Pie Advent Calendar

(£35 from

weirdest advent calendars


Upping the scale from last year, this calendar has grown from 12 Mini Mince Pies to an incredible 24.

With different flavours and styles, this is the perfect calendar for fans of this festive treat.

The Spicery’s Curry Legend Calendar

(£28 from

weirdest advent calendars


This fun calendar is perfect for fans of cooking and curries with some delightful recipes on offer behind each window including Turkey Seekh Kebabs and Christmas Vegetable Bhajis, that are easy to make using some simple ingredients and one of the four special Curry Legend spice blends included.

Swizzels advent calendar

(£4 from various outlets)

weirdest advent calendars

Picture: Swizzels

Those with a sweet tooth will love this advent calendar which features all of the Swizzels classics including Drumstick Squashies, Refreshers and Love Hearts.

The Naked Marshmallow Co. Advent Calendar

(£15 from The Naked Marshmallow Co.)

weirdest advent calendars

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Billed as "the World’s first gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar", the Naked Marshmallow Co. Advent Calendar returns with 25 marshmallows that are a perfect replacement for the chestnuts to roast over an open fire.

Absinthe Advent Calendar (2018 Edition)

(£149.95 from Master of Malt)

weirdest advent calendars

Picture: Master of Malt

Van Gogh's favourite tipple is actually quite festive tasting, so those that like their spirits a little more experimental from the usual gin and whisky, this calendar is perfect.


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