Onion Bhaji baubles are the festive trend for curry fans this Christmas

Take away delivery specialists Just Eat have created the must-have festive item for curry fans this Christmas with the launch of their Onion Bhaji Baubles.

Published 8th Dec 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Made with fresh ingredients, fried in a light batter, and coated in edible gold or silver, Just Eat say that the love for Indian cuisine in the UK remains strong throughout December and into Christmas.

Picture: Just Eat

The onion bhaji has been one of the bestselling starters on Just Eat in 2018, giving the takeaway app the idea to celebrate with the creation of Britain’s most "tasty Christmas decoration yet".

With news that sales of weird and wonderful baubles such as unicorns, sloths and even aubergine emojis are on the rise, Just Eat decided the iconic and much-loved onion bhaji also deserved a place on the tree.

The company has created a guide to make the festive decoration and restaurants on Just Eat can request it ahead of Christmas.

Picture: Just Eat

Graham Corfield, managing director at Just Eat said: “Our customers love ordering onion bhajis over the Christmas period. It used to be the tradition to put up chocolates, candy canes, and gingerbread biscuits on the tree, but with the launch of Bhaji Baubles, we’re moving edible tree decorations into the 21st century. We hope people can soon grab a bite straight from the tree while showing off their impeccable festive decorations."

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