To celebrate the launch of its new Christmas menu, Subway has created a range of sauce filled Christmas baubles featuring its popular sauces.

The range of unique tree decorations includes their Chipotle Southwest, Sweet Onion and Red Chilli sauces – the most requested and popular condiments on the restaurant chain’s social media pages.

But Subway fans may have to be patient – according to the brand the Subway Bauble Collection is currently being tested and will not roll-out nationally until next year.

Subway sauce filled Christmas baubles

Colin Hughes, country director, UK at Subway said: “Fans on social media rave about our sauces, and especially our signature Chipotle Southwest.  So we are working on ways to give them what we know they want – the chance to get their hands on the Subway range of condiments. We predict the Subway Bauble Collection will be must-have Christmas decorations for sauce fans!”

The baubles are part of the launch of the new Christmas menu which features the Christmas Cracker sub (with turkey and pork and sage stuffing), the chocolate and orange cookie and Gingerbread coffee syrup – which can be added to any hot drink.

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