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Morrisons is selling 'British' square sausages, here's how Scotland reacted

Morrissons are selling a range of 'British' square sausages, which are made claim to be invented in England, and Scots aren't happy

Published: May 4, 2018
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The sausages, which are made by a Cheshire company, bear a striking resemblance to the popular lorne sausage and won't be sold north of the border.

Squig sausage are described as 'square British sausages' that have been made using ground pork 'mixed with a secret blend herbs and spices.'

The packaging sports a pig wear a Union Jack bow tie, which is sure to add insult to injury in some people's opinion.

Owners of Squig sausages, Cottom Foods of Widnes say that their sausages are different to lorne as they only use pork, whereas lorne sausages can include beef, and that they're gluten-free - lorne traditionally includes rusk.

Squig sausages also come in flavours such as Cumberland and caramelised onion.

As reported in the National, Cottom Foods appear to suggest that they invented the square sausage, which has led some Scots to vent their anger and amusement on social media.


Picture: Squig sausages Facebook

On the Squig Facebook page, the brand shares how the idea for 'Squigs' was born.

"The SQUIGS story.

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A few years ago, in a kitchen not so far away…Daniel was cooking breakfast for his daughter.

As she looked on she asked a simple honest question, as only children can “Daddy. Why are sausages round?”

As Daniel was getting frustrated, chasing them around the pan, he said to his Daughter

"I don’t know…but I wish they weren’t!!”

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And thus the idea for SQUIGS was born!"

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Taking to Twitter, users in Scotland have been angry, but there's also been a lot of tongue in cheek humour

Stuart Crawford commented: "Aye, they can take oor lives, but they will never take our square sausage!"

Others agreed that something must be done...

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Whereas some were keen to point out what's British and what's Scottish...

Even politicians got involved...

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