The Trainspotting author tweeted the recommendation and said that the Fife business should be 'bigger than Amazon.'

Irvine Welsh tweeted a picture of Your Piece Baking Co. Fife cut handmade porridge oatcakes, saying: “I don’t often endorse products but these boys, made in Fife, are the crack cocaine of oatcakes and the company deserves to be bigger than Amazon.”

He went to to say: “Following on from the last tweet, I got those in a shop in Colinton Mains. If anybody knows anywhere they are being stocked central Edinburgh/Leith, please do feel free to let me know.”

Replies to the tweet mentioned other favourite brands, such as Orkney, Nairns and Staffordshire.

The Your Piece Baking Co. sells a range of products including oatcakes, porridge bars, cereal and shortbread, and only uses oats sourced from farms in Scotland.

Their products are often seen in local produce hampers, and were recently part of a virtual whisky tasting.

The Fife cut oatcakes are made with rolled oats and a small amount of brown sugar, and are described by the team at the bakery as the ‘world’s greatest oatcake.’

They say: “The chunky “Fife Cut” format is a meal in itself and is as good with raspberry jam at breakfast as it is with a hunk of cheese at supper time.”

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