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Golden Wonder respond to Seagull's crisp raids in Aberdeen

Golden Wonder respond to viral video of seagull shoplifter trying to steal their crisps from a shop in Aberdeen.

Published: June 23, 2016
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Crisp producers Golden Wonder are usually not surprised to learn that their products are flying off the shelves, but they were shocked to discover that that's what literally happened in Aberdeen, when a plucky seagull tried to shoplift a pack of the brand's BBQ saucer crisps.

The seagull drops the crisps after being chased by Zaman. Picture: Youtube/Zaman Iqbal

The seagull drops the crisps after being chased by Zaman. Picture: Youtube/Zaman Iqbal

The brazen seagull was filmed waddling into Zaman Iqbal's shop in the city centre to grab a packet of the BBQ Saucers, much to the shopkeeper’s dismay.

It’s the second time in a year Zaman has faced a similar problem. Now the crisp company has stepped in to help.

Matthew Smith, Marketing Director at Golden Wonder, said: “We’d like to apologise to Zaman for the inconvenience. Our fully flavoured crisps are obviously irresistible to seagulls as well as people. The only surprising thing is that he went for BBQ flavour and not Prawn Cocktail!”

As well as sending Mr Iqbal a case of BBQ crisps, the popular crisp maker has sought advice from a seagull expert on how the shopkeeper can best protect his products.

Dr John Coulson, a national expert on seagull behaviour, said: “We’re coming into the difficult season when chicks are around and the parents are searching for food. Gulls are becoming more abundant in towns and more used to people so incidents like this could become more common. This gull had probably eaten a packet in the past and recognised it as being food.

“In terms of stopping it, that is very difficult. Gulls get used to whatever we put in their way so noise or fake hawks just won’t work. The only real answer is to keep the door closed to keep them out.”

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