Glasgow's Eusebi Deli celebrates Worldwide Italian Food Week with exclusive line-up

One of Glasgow's most popular delis is hosting an exclusive week-long line-up of food and drink events in celebration of ‘Settimana della Cucina’ (Italian Cuisine Week), the worldwide Italian festival.

Published 21st Nov 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The events, created in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, will run from 20th to 26th November and will take place at Eusebi Deli, in Glasgow’s West End.

From learning how to make a real carbonara with ‘British Carbonara vs. Italian Carbonara’ to a LABI Craft Beer pairing and tasting and a Grand Gala Dinner, the week is set to be jam-packed with fun for fans of Italian food.

Eusebi Deli
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The Eusebi team say tickets for events are limited, so booking ahead is advised.

Led by The Extraordinary Italian Taste Project, the worldwide movement aims to explore the popularity in Italian food, showcasing why the Mediterranean diet makes Italy one of the
healthiest countries in the world, and reinforce quality by educating food lovers on how to identify and appreciate authentic Italian products and dishes.

Eusebi Deli

Giovanna Eusebi, chef and restaurateur of Eusebi, said that the deli is committed to sharing ‘eccellenze italiane’ (Italian excellence) through providing a place where guests can taste modern Italian dishes, shop for authentic regional products, and discover the produce history and how to enjoy them at home, all under one roof, she said: “I come from a long line of strong Italian women who were committed to showing us the great flavours of Italian cuisine; from something as simple as a vine tomato to a bowl of freshly made pasta and olive oil.

“Italian food has earned a place in the hearts of Scots, so what better opportunity than this, to invite people along to get stuck in to some of their home comforts whilst exploring new flavours and learning about Italian traditions.

“Come along, bring friends and family, buon appetito!”

• Open Monday to Saturday, 8am-10pm and Sunday, 9am-10pm, you can find out more information about the Deli's events here

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