Glasgow hotel mocked online for 'cringeworthy' job ad posting

A hotel in the Finnieston area of Glasgow has been mocked online for what's been described as a 'cringeworthy' job ad for a food and drink position.

Published 4th Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The Radisson Red, which opened in the west end of the city last summer and is the UK's first, posted the role on Indeed.

However, it wasn't long before it popped up on social media due to it's interesting wording.

The ad reads: "We connect with that ageless millennial mindset and believe that hotels can enhance their world via art, music, fashion and a distinctive connection.

"Radisson RED sees things differently. We don’t have ‘staff’ we have ‘Creatives’."

It then goes on to list a multitude of tasks including serving coffee, cocktail making, cooking on the stoves and laughing with the guests.

A further section reads: "Present; in the soul of house, in the action, happy moving from the RED Sky Bar alive with music, to the events areas and a book reading, over to the lobby where a group are looking for a restaurant recommendation. The phone rings reservation, you’ve got it and now you are flipping an omelette, catch it! This place is alive and you love it. Smile. Photo"

One person on Twitter asked: "What is the job here? The actual job?"

While another jokingly responded: "As far as I can tell you run the hotel singlehandedly while catching a lot of omelettes."

@mailroomtim quipped: "Apply now - just send us your failed Big Brother audition tapes."

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Several other users described it as "cringeworthy", while those posting on Reddit pointed out that whoever had filled out the ad for the Radisson Red had even forgot to remove (City) and add Glasgow to the template.

Twitter user @BillyMcDiarmid however, defended the ad saying: "To be honest as a recruiter - other than asking for videos / selfies and sh*t which is potentially discriminatory - it’s one the better adverts I’ve seen. Does everything an ad should do. Talks to the right candidate, gets rid of the wrong ones, creates a bit of intrigue."


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