Glasgow has a decades-long history of Italian restaurants, which continues to this day.

This is a list of our favourite Italian restaurants in Glasgow, which may help you find the best place for your next celebration.

La Lanterna

(35 Hope Street, G2 6AE, 0141 221 9160)

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Having been founded in 1970, La Lanterna is the oldest family-run Italian restaurant in Glasgow, and it’s still going strong.

In the 2015 Scottish Italian Awards, La Lanterna won the awards for Best Restaurant and Best Team, and the head chef Luca Conreno was also named Best Chef.

On any visit to this restaurant, you can be sure of generous portions, friendly service, and, most important of all, delicious Italian food.

One of the best dishes is the piatta nordico, which is made with marinated tuna, swordfish, and deep-fried courgette
Mains cost between £11.95 and £15.95.

Piccolo Mondo

(344 Argyle Street, G2 8LY, 0141 248 2481)

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At Piccolo Mondo, flavour is everything. The owners, Tony and Giuliana Pierotti, opened Piccolo Mondo in 2005, and ever since then it has been the place to go for traditional Italian cuisine.

We particularly recommend the grilled seafood platter, and the Scottish sirloin steak alla boscaiola, if you want a hearty meal.

The home-made chocolate and pecan brownie is also irresistable.

The atmosphere at Piccolo Mondo is very relaxed, making it an ideal place for a family occasion.

A two course dinner costs £49 for two people.

Don Costanzo

(Woodside Crescent, G7 7UL, 0141 332 3070)

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This restaurant is the epitome of the traditional Italian restaurant, with a warm, family-friendly ethos. Don Constanzo founded the restaurant, but since the end of 2015, his daughters have now taken up the mantle.

The menu offers a diverse selection of Caprese dishes, with some fantastic pastas and meat options.

Highlights include the meatballs and the wonderful zucchini fritters.

However, make sure to check out the specials board, because the best dishes are often there.

The staff are very friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask about any of the dishes.

Main dishes cost between £9 and £25.


(2 Nelson Mandela Place, G2 1BT, 0141 333 1122)

Amarone is very near Glasgow’s city centre, making it a convenient place for a post-shopping-spree meal.

It is also very popular among Glasgow’s trendy set, so make sure to book in advance.

Amarone’s menu takes Italian classics and gives them a contemporary twist. Keep an eye out for their carpaccio con rucola, as well as their taglionlini con chorizo.

Each dish is impeccably presented, and the staff are swift and attentive.

Main dishes cost between £9.95 and £18.95.

The Italian Caffè

(92 Albion Street, G1 1NY, 0141 552 3186)

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This stylish Merchant City joint is a great place to enjoy small, shareable Italian dishes with your friends.

The tapas-style plates are perfect if you want to try several different dishes.

For example, you can sample the baked oysters, or a mixed antipasti platter, or a perfectly crisp mini ‘pizzette’, or all three!

The booths and nifty bar stools lend a 1980s sensibility to the restaurant, and it also has the honour of being the only enoteca, or ‘wine library’ in Glasgow.

This means that there is a huge variety of well-known and lesser-known wines on offer, at many different prices.

Small plates cost between £4.95 and £10.95.

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