First National Square Sausage Day to take place in March

One of Scotland's most famous breakfast items is getting its own national day.

Published 29th Feb 2024
Updated 29 th Feb 2024

Ayrshire butcher We hae meat has declared 25 March the world’s first ‘National Square Sausage Day’, an occasion dedicated to honouring and enjoying the traditional Scottish breakfast staple.

The farm-to-fork business is inviting families across Scotland to join in the inaugural celebration by enjoying a square sausage breakfast, lunch or dinner on the day, chosen because 25 is a square number.

History of the square sausage

While the origins of the square sausage, also commonly known as Lorne sausage, remain a mystery, its status as an iconic Scottish food is undeniable.

A well-known Scottish myth is that it was invented by Glasgow comedian Tommy Lorne, but the square slice predates the comedian.

There are butcher’s advertisements in the Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the ­Montrose Burghs as ­early as 1896 listing ‘Lorne Sausages, 6d’. Tommy Lorne was only born in 1890 and Lorne sausage was clearly already in common usage, so we can scrap that theory.

Because a square sausage slice is thinner than a link sausage, it takes less time and energy to cook, making it a more convenient and less energy-intensive alternative.

National Square Sausage Day

We hae meat will celebrate National Square Sausage Day on 25 March by donating square sausage meals to the Dailly Community Pantry and Dailly Primary School, and sharing tips on social media on the best ways to cook and serve a slice.

Craig Chalmers, commercial manager of We hae meat said: “We have a genuine passion for the square sausage and we’re very excited to declare 25 March the world’s first National Square Sausage Day.

"What’s not to love about a square sausage? It’s locally produced and the perfect shape for a breakfast roll, with no slicing required and it won’t fall out.

"And because it’s thinner it takes less time to cook than a link sausage, meaning when you switch to square sausage, you’re taking a small step in reducing your energy consumption.”

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We hae meat’s 700g pack of square sausage slices will be on special promotional offer for £3.50 in Tesco stores across Scotland from 6 to 26 March inclusive, coinciding with National Square Sausage Day.

The butcher’s full range is available in major grocery retailers across Scotland, including Morrisons, Asda, Co-Op and Iceland.

Established in 2007, We hae meat is a leading producer of premium meat products, operating from its farm and factory based in Ayrshire. The family business prides itself with a commitment to quality and traditional flavours, producing more than 21 million slices a year.

The company recently claimed the Green Family Business of the Year and Scottish Family Business of the Year awards at The Herald Scottish Family Business Awards, with the judges praising its sustainable practices.

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We Hae Meat Ltd, Girvan, UK
We Hae Meat Ltd, Girvan, UK, KA26 9RE
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