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The Breadwinner Bakery to become vegan wholesale bakery - with plant-based goods now available in Spar stores

This longstanding Edinburgh bakery is set to become a vegan wholesaler.

Published: September 11, 2020
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Opened in Edinburgh in 1973, The Breadwinner Bakery recently announced that they were to become 'Scotland’s first vegan, wholesale bakery.'

Every item created by The Breadwinner is vegan and made without using any animal-based products, including all of their croissants, danishes, tray bakes and brownies.

Many capital chefs use The Breadwinner goods to complement a wide range of menus, and their bread even caught the attention of food critic Jay Rayner, who said:  “It’s bread, but engineered for the Marvel Universe. It’s full of deep, lusty caramel tones and the butter takes to it, as if to a welcoming lover’s bed.

"It’s super-powered and so irresistible I eventually have to get it taken away."

The Breadwinner Bakery has also partnered with 17 Scotmid stores in Edinburgh to sell their sourdough and vegan pain au chocolat - bringing a range of dairy-free items to a wider market.


This news comes during sourdough September, a Real Bread Campaign movement to showcase the benefits of genuine sourdough bread.

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Aims of the month include: encouraging more people to bake genuine sourdough, creating a showcase for small, independent bakeries that bake genuine sourdough, helping people to say no to sourfaux and avoid paying a premium for something that simply isn't the real deal and encouraging people to join and/or donate to the Real Bread Campaign.

While the bread has become hugely popular, the Real Bread Campaign are keen to promote genuine sourdough, and are challenging the government over the lack of progress being made to protect people buying products labelled ‘sourdough’ from being misled.

Real Bread campaign coordinator Chris Young said: “The law needs to change to protect everyone seeking genuine sourdough or other Real Bread for whatever reasons they want or need to do so.”

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