Edinburgh favourites Bross Bagels and Civerinos team up to create limited edition pizza bagel

Edinburgh favourites Bross Bagels and Civerinos have teamed up to launch an exciting pizza & bagel mash up in honour of ‘National Pizza Bagel Day’. 

Published 8th Feb 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The Civerinos and Bross creation is a one off limited edition pizza bagel dubbed ‘Brosserinos’ to celebrate the special day on Saturday 9th February.

Made using double San Marzanno tomato & herb sugo, double pepperoni, double 100 per cent fior di late mozzarella and a freshly baked, Montreal style Bross bagel, the pizza bagels are sure to delight fans of both foods.

Picture: Bross Bagels

Available from the 9th February (National Pizza Bagel Day) the limited edition bagel will be available all week in all Bross Bagels locations throughout Edinburgh as well as Civerinos Slice on Forrest Road.

Larah Bross, owner of Bross Bagels said: "There’s only one person the bagel lady could turn to for a mash up like this. The pizza man

"Together we’re taking the best of both worlds here. A mash up with Edinburgh’s finest bagels and Edinburgh’s tastiest pizza to create the happiest people in town celebrating National Pizza Bagel Day."

Bross Bagels was established in August 2017 by Owner Larah Bross who is famous for her bagels worldwide.

With three shops in Edinburgh and their very own Bross bakery, the brand recently opened in the city's west end.

Famous for their New York style wood fired pizzas and modern Italian street food, Civerinos will be selling the limited edition pizza bagel at Civerinos Slice from the restaurant collection which is situated on Forrest Road.

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