Blogger finds best way to celebrate Burns Night - with a recipe for chocolate haggis

Scots food blogger Claire Jessiman has uncovered a fun way to celebrate Burns Night - by creating a recipe for chocolate haggis.

Published 24th Jan 2017
Updated 24 th Jan 2017

Those among you who don't like haggis (don't worry we won't tut too loudly) can now still enjoy the Scottish dish for Burns Night, all be it in a slightly sweeter form.

Blogger Claire posted the recipe on her Foodie Quine website after taking inspiration from an Italian dish.

"It was an idea that I've had in my head for almost a year now, but I had to wait until Burns Night came around before acting upon it. It's a Scottish twist on the Italian Salame di Cioccolato which itself is a culinary pun."

The chocolate haggis, or shortbread and whisky fridge cake, recipe is the perfect dessert for any Burns Night supper.

Writing on her site, Claire says the recipe will "mess with your mind" as it "looks savoury but is infact sweet"

She adds that it is perfect for those who are a "wee bit squeamish about eating the real thing or are just too lazy to go out and hunt one down in the wild".

Picture: Foodie Quine
Picture: Foodie Quine

Simple to make, it requires only a few ingredients (including of course, shortbread and whisky) and doesn't require baking.

Claire says  the recipe is already proving popular with people even beginning to add in their own twists.

"I was tagged on Instagram this morning by someone who has made their own gluten free version, plus there's a comment from someone who is making it for Brownies - I'm hoping without the whisky!"

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