Asda to offer giant avocados that are three times larger than regular ones

Asda is making every millennial’s dream come true this week with the launch of Giant Avocados – a UK first for the creamy green fruit.

Published 12th Nov 2018
Updated 12 th Nov 2018

The supermarket chain will be offering the new avocados at £1.60, with each of them weighing in at between 480g to 670g - making them three times the size of regular avocados.

Grown in the fertile soils of Argentina, the avocados  have a 30/70 per cent ratio of seed to flesh, compared to the typical 50/50 split in regular versions, giving customers even more delicious avocado than normal.

Asda Giant Avocados
Asda is making every millennial’s dream come true this week with the launch of Giant Avocados Picture: Asda

The larger amount of flesh on the avocados also means the fruit lasts a lot longer, with the high calcium levels reducing oxidisation speeds, ensuring customers can enjoy their avocados for longer-than-normal.

Nasir Ahmed, Asda avocado technologist, said that the fruit has now become a staple in the UK with customer of the brand making their way through an astonishing 28 million of them last year.

The food specialist said:  “With the nation’s appetite for avocados continuing to grow, we’re excited to be introducing the biggest avos on the market, and hope the nation continues spreading, smashing and slicing, as avocados continue taking the world – and brunch – by storm.”

To make them even more appealing the Giant Avocados change skin colour when at perfect eating quality, starting as bottle green and turning a deep purple-black when ripe and ready to eat.

The Giant Avocados will be available in Asda stores around the country from November 12th.

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