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9 of the best Japanese Sushi restaurants in Glasgow

One of the most popular types of Japanese cuisine is sushi, and we just can't seem to get enough of it.

Published: February 7, 2017

If you want to find the finest sushi in Glasgow, look no further, because we have compiled a list of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

Pickled Ginger

(512 St Vincent Street, G3 8XZ, 0141 328 8941)


This restaurant may seem unobtrusive from the outside, but once you are inside, the food will blow you away.

Its namesake, the pickled ginger, is, of course, fantastic, as is the selection of nigri and the dragon roll.

The restaurant is very popular with local residents, and always has a buzz about it.

The menu is also very helpful for first-time sushi-eaters, as it educates customers in sushi etiquette.

The sake is served in dinky egg-cup sized vessels, and the desserts are well worth a taste, in particular the chocolate mochi.

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(535 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HN, 0141 357 3033)


Picture: Wudon

This family-run restaurant doesn't just stop at Japanese-style sushi. The Wu sisters also pride themselves on their Chinese and Thai dishes, and not without reason.

Influenced by their mother's home-cooking, the food at Wudon is both authentic and healthy, as well as being utterly delicious. The restaurant has also been awarded multiple Certificates of Excellence by Trip Advisor, so it is certainly a popular choice.

Why not try the Honey Floss – chicken and salad in a honey, lemon and mustard mayonnaise, rolled in pork floss?

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(52 Queen Street,G1 3DS, 0141 204 4200)

Picture: Wow 247

Picture: Wow 247

This classic Japanese restaurant has communal bench tables and funky lighting, as well as an extensive menu of nutritious treats.

These range from sushi and bento boxes to noodles and tempura, giving customers a wide range of dishes to choose from.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try out the Tako Nigri – a bed of rice topped with octopus.

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Sushi Riot

(23 Clarence Drive, G12 9QN, 0141 339 4379)

Picture: Sushi Riot

A new addition to Glasgow's blossoming sushi scene, Sushi Riot has recently opened on Clarence Drive and is already proving to be a hit with customers.
They stock their fridge with plenty of options throughout the day, right up until 7pm, but will also offer to make something up if you don't see what you're looking for.
They offer specials too, and have recently posted their specials for Father's Day this weekend.
Along with sushi, they also offer a range of other delights including Chicken Yakitori, Chicken Karaage and Salmon Poke bowls.

Sapporo Teppanyaki

(2-6 Ingram St, Merchant City, G1 1HA, 0141 553 4060)

Picture: Sapporo Facebook

Picture: Sapporo Facebook

This restaurant has been on the go for 15 years in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Each year, Sapporo's expert chefs return home to South East Asia to be inspired by the cuisine and ingredients, then return to the UK to implement their ideas.

The chefs are trained for over five years to ensure that customers have the best possible theatrical experience. The city selection provides a nod to the restaurant's home cities, with the Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow Rolls.


(441 Sauchiehall St, G2 3LG, 0141 332 6303)

Picture: Nanakusa

Picture: Nanakusa

This restaurant's name comes from the word for the “seven edible wild herbs of spring”, which are traditionally eaten seven days after the start of the new year.

They are believed to ward off evil spirits, and while Nanakusa doesn't claim to do this, they do offer some fantastic Japanese dishes. Combining locally sourced and authentically Japanese ingredients, the sushi, noodle and rice dishes at Nanakusa are very special.

This includes the Negi Maguro Don, which is made with steamed rice, fresh raw tuna, chilli oil, soy sauce, seaweed and spring onion.


(113 Hope Street, G2 6LL, 0141 248 1869)


Picture: Temaki

Temaki is like no other sushi restaurant, because it combines the food of Japan with dishes from Mexico! The sushi burrito is their signature dish, and is made to the customer's specifications: hot, cold, sweet, savoury, meat, veg and so on. Their inspiration comes from street food, which the chefs prepare before the your eyes. You can also try their delectable ramens and and broths for a more traditional taste of Japan.

Cailin's Sushi Bar

(1136 Argyle Street, G3 8TD, 0141 334 8637)

Temaki, Octopus Balls, Tempera Roll. Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

Temaki, Octopus Balls, Tempera Roll. Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

Although it's a small sushi bar, the food here is mighty. The dragon roll is particularly spectacular, which very much resembles a dragon in its shape.

The menu has unlimited potential for mixing and matching, with rice burgers, ramen and bento boxes, but the sushi and sashimi are really the main event.

The sashimi is presented on a platter shaped like an ornamental bridge, making the meal extra special.

Nippon Kitchen

(91 W George St, G2 1PB, 0141 328 3113)

Nippon Kitchen in Glasgow. Picture: Robert Perry

Nippon Kitchen in Glasgow. Picture: Robert Perry

Modernity and quality are Nippon Kitchen's watchwords, as its elegant, contemporary interior and fresh ingredients are essential parts of the restaurant's character.

All the food is made fresh to order, combining specialist Japanese ingredients and locally sourced produce.

The Japanese beers and and Japanese-style cocktails are a perfect accompaniment to the meal. As well as being delicious, the food is presented with style, from the sushi, to the ramen, to the tempura.

The Kitchen also offers a private dining experience, ideal for parties or for smaller groups.

Maddy lives in Edinburgh and has written for the Sunday Herald and the Ed Fringe Review. She is passionate about authentic, sustainably sourced food, and is always keen to discover exciting new flavours.

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