87-year-old US man crowned World Porridge Making Champion

An 87-year-old American man has been crowned World Porridge Making Champion at an event in the Highlands.

Published 10th Oct 2016
Updated 10 th Oct 2016

Bob Moore, from Portland, Oregon, won the coveted Golden Spurtle for his efforts at the 23rd annual World Porridge Making Championships in Carrbridge, in Badenoch and Strathspey.

The title is awarded to the contestant who makes the best traditional porridge using just three ingredients - oatmeal, salt and water.

Mr Moore, who used to run a wholegrain food business, said: “I couldn’t believe it when my name was announced. It is so meaningful to me to win the Golden Spurtle.

“I’ve devoted my life to eating and producing good wholegrain food and this really has made me so happy.”

There is also a speciality competition for sweet or savoury porridge dishes which was won by Norwegian Thorbjorn Kristensen for the second year running.

He combined eggs, butter, vanilla sugar, cream and liqueur with porridge in a dish titled ‘Unexpected Guests’.

The event is organised by Carrbridge Community Council and sponsored by Hamlyns of Scotland.

Organiser Margarete Paschke said: “After 23 years, the Golden Spurtle continues to inspire porridge makers from across the world.

“It really has been a fantastic day, the pinnacle of a great weekend in Carrbridge, which celebrates one of Scotland’s favourite national dishes with cooking, music and Scottish hospitality.”

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