6 of the most inspiring ideas for carving pumpkins on Pinterest

Stuck for inspiration on how to carve your pumpkins for Halloween this weekend? We've scoured Pinterest for some of the best articles, templates and hacks to help.

Published 25th Oct 2016
Updated 25 th Oct 2016

For Halloween, we decided to look and see what great places on the web there are for inspiration, advice and articles on pumpkin carving.

Personalised media platform come social media site Pinterest offers a great place to discover everything from templates to hacks.

Here are some of the most pinned pumpkin carving ideas on Pinterest:

Pumpkin within a pumpkin

Ladies' Home Journal recommends placing a smaller pumpkin within a pumpkin to "double your pumpkin display's impact".

There's some great ideas on Pinterest on how to do just that.

Carving as an art

My Modern Met recommend taking your time and turning your carving into an art form, using negative space and the inside of the pumpkin to create some really stunning effects.

As you can see with a little time and dedication (and some practice) you can create some incredible effects.

Make your pumpkins pretty

It wouldn't be Pinterest without some crafting ideas and this blog by www.decoratingyoursmallspace.com gives 11 great examples of how to combine crafting skills with pumpkin carving to create some showstopping pumpkins for Halloween.

Keep it simple and use templates

horrorandhalloween.tumblr.com recommend using templates as a quick and easy to get the best results from your carving.


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Use Pumpkin carving hacks

Everybody loves a good lifehack and these tips by LaurenConrad.com are a great way to save time, money and maximise your efforts this Halloween.

They recommend using power tools and amazingly cookie cutters to create some great effects and don't forget to check out the tip on petrleum jelly as a great way to preserve your pumpkins.


Take inspiration from films and TV shows

Lifestyle site Hative recommend taking inspiration from popular culture to create some fun designs that will really grab people's attention.

Try to do something new

Thinking outside of the box can lead to some fun ways to create unique pumpkins and howtogardenit.com reckon you shouldn't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

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