5 of the best family restaurants in Edinburgh

We pick out some of the best places to take the family out to eat in Edinburgh.

Published 27th Jan 2017
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Taking kids out to eat can be a potential minefield.

After all, no one wants to be that family with the screaming child turning heads and putting everyone else off their food.

Thankfully, however, Edinburgh is well populated when it comes to finding family friendly eateries.

From healthy bistros sure to encourage good eating habits to cafes with dedicated play areas allowing parents the chance to kick back and enjoy their coffee, the capital has plenty of places to grab a bite with the kids.

Take a look at our list below to see five of our favourite family friendly restaurants in Edinburgh.

Scran & Scallie

(1 Comely Bank Rd, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1DT, 0131 332 6281)

Picture: The Scran and Scallie on Facebook

Already a firm favourite with the Stockbridge foodie crowd, Scran & Scallie offers a sample of the gastropub portfolio of its owners in a more family-friendly setting.

Owned by Michelin starred pair Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack- the brains behind The Kitchin and The Castle Terrace Restaurant - Scran & Scallie has a soundproofed children’s play area more suited to younger kids, while the children’s menu takes inspiration from the more grown-up versions of its owners restaurant offering.

Being Stockbridge, the menu is a little bit on the pricey side, but given the background of the two chefs, diners of all ages can be assured they’re getting the best.


(1-6 Canonmills Bridge, Edinburgh EH3 5LF, 0131 556 9696)

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Picture: Earthy Foods & Goods on Facebook

There are few eateries in the city who can claim to have a name that better describes it than Earthy.

Inside, the distinctly independent decor resembles an old farmhouse, adding to their ethos of natural, homegrown produce.

The sustainable-focused restaurant places a lot of stock in its organically sourced meat and vegetable produce throughout the menu, including the children’s offerings.

With a scaled down kids’ menu, and the option to order smaller plates of the adult food to appease kids too grown up for the less mature choice, Earthy has something to suit all tastes.


(254 Portobello High St, Edinburgh EH15 2AT, 0131 669 558)

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Picture: Reds on Facebook

This bistro/cafe/playground by the sea has been a go-to place for families in Portobello for over ten years and continues to be a well-regarded hang out for a crowd of parents.

The inside is slightly dominated by an enormous, red soft play area which means parents can relax and enjoy a caffeine hit while younger children run and climb themselves ragged.

There’s even a retro video game machine to appease older kids, with a fine range of home baking and hearty, child-friendly portions of a number of classic home-cooked meals to quell any hunger worked up from the climbing frame.

La Favorita

(331-325 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA, 0131 554 2430)

Picture: La Favorita on Facebook

Tell anyone in Edinburgh you haven’t at least sampled a La Favorita pizza and they’re liable to drag you kicking and screaming down Leith Walk to enjoy a capital institution.

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La Fav has been Edinburgh royalty since it first arrived in Leith in 1970 and it remains a favourite to this day.

It’s as family-friendly as they come too. An extensive kids menu featuring scaled down versions of the ‘adult’ pizzas is only supplanted by a range of absurdly large sundaes that are in danger of making kids’ eyes pop out their head.

Waiting staff are known to put on a big, over-the-top Italian show for children too, while a red-headed clown is also on hand to entertain.


(73 Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AU, 0131 629 3327)

Picture: Hemma on Facebook

This distinctly Scandinavian bistro close to both Dynamic Earth and Arthur’s Seat attracts a regular crowd of young families with an enticing menu and bright, welcoming Swedish hospitality.

Parents are able to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, or something a little bit stronger, in the bar itself, while children amuse themselves with a seemingly bottomless box of toys and dedicate play area.

An extensive kids menu, featuring a number of healthier options including several veggie dishes, is extensive and the portions are more like scaled down versions of the grown up offerings, so kids are unlikely to go hungry.

James is a writer and freelance journalist who has lived in Edinburgh all his life and is well versed in the city's bar and nightlife scene.
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