1,000-calorie fish supper in a bun on sale at Glasgow chip shop

A chip shop in Glasgow is serving a 1,000-calorie fish supper in a bun.

Published 11th Jan 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Customers are queueing up for the fish supper in a roll - battered haddock, mushy peas, chips and homemade tartar sauce, all inside a brioche bun – plus with a portion of chips.

Though many food critics have criticised the move, claiming that dishes like this have helped make Scotland one of Europe's fattest countries, the owners at fish and chip bar Hooked claim it’s healthier than a takeaway pizza or curry.

They say the dish, which costs £5.75 and comes with extra chips on the side, has been going down a treat with fast food lovers who simply can't get enough.

Fish supper in a bun

The burger alone is 700 calories. With a portion of chips it’s over 1,000 calories - around two-thirds of a woman's standard daily allowance.

"We've had a lot of customers ordering it, then coming back and ordering it again - so we know they love it," said manager Harin Bassi.

"Our head fryer works to keep up to date with trends and knew there was a craze for burgers.

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"So this is everything you'd normally get on a plate, but in a brioche bun.

"About two-thirds of customers order chips with it, which is funny."

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Their mastermind head fryer was, she said, working hard to come up with a range of seafood burgers set to launch this year.

Fish supper
The fish & chips burger. Picture: Hooked

Hooked, which opened in July 2014, has built up a customer base so dedicated that some drive up to 45 minutes to get their hands on its suppers.

"We only fry in rapeseed oil, which is 5% saturated fat," said Harin, 36.

Many chip shops often change their oil once a month, while Hooked switches it every other day.

It doesn't keep its fish frozen, and makes its own mushy peas in-house.

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"Even though you might not think it, fish and chips has fewer calories than a takeaway pizza or a korma," she said.

"It's also packed with protein and starch."

One regular at Hooked, Michael Dempster, 38, a digital developer from Cathcart, regularly treats himself to one of the suppers after a night out.

"I think it's taking the fish supper to its natural, logical conclusion," said lean Michael.

"Everything tastes better with a bit of bread wrapped around it."

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However, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, Tam Fry, was less enthusiastic about Glasgow's latest gastronomic offering.

"By eating this you are pushing the limits for almost every piece of dietary advice there is," he said.

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