An innovative drinks company are set to launch Glasgow's first rum distillery in over 300 years this November. 

Bucking the current trend across the country of distilling gin and whisky and following in the footsteps of Dark Matter Distillers in Aberdeenshire, Wester Spirit Co., which was set up by Glasgow residents Zander Macgregor and Allan Nairn, launched their first rum in July last year.

Founders Allan Nairn and Zander Macgregor. Picture: WSC

Now, they are set to bring their very own distillery to the bustling hub of Partick, which they describe as a “natural home for a distinctive and creative brand to reside amongst the vibrant eclectic mix of bars and eateries”.

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Rekindling traditional rum distillation in Glasgow, the entrepreneurial pair are stepping away from conventional copper stills and using stainless steel instead.

The team say their new Genio Still will be equipped with fully programmable technology to increase the efficiency of the distilling process and has the
option of manual control to allow changes to the smallest details in the flavour profile. They added that this means they will be able to reproduce their current recipe – which had previously been made for them at Strathearn Distillery – with “unrivalled accuracy”.

The distillery will also provide the opportunity for the brand to meet the growing demand for spiced rum by increasing the production limit from 250 bottles per month to 6000.

Tours around the distillery will be held with a masterclass in the history and process of rum production, ending with the opportunity for guests to create their own cocktail. Exclusive tours will place the power in the hands of the party as they spice their very own rum. The distillery will also host pop-up restaurants and secret gigs further cementing their connection to the city’s thriving nightlife.

Founder Zander Macgregor said: “I am really excited to make Glasgow the home of Wester Spirit Co’s new distillery. The city is buzzing with food and drink businesses and we are looking forward to some interesting collaborations which are already in the pipeline.”

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