Watch: Lewis Capaldi wows crowd with impromptu gig in Edinburgh bar

Bathgate's most famous son made an unexpected appearance in a Grassmarket bar last night.

Published 23rd Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Lewis Capaldi showed up at Cold Town House in Edinburgh last night, and stunned the crowd in the bar as he took to the stage to sing along with the band that were playing at the time.

A video, posted on the bar's social media, shows everyone singing along to Lewis's biggest hit Someone You Loved with musician Jordan Murray and his band.

Jordan said: "When we arrived for our gig Lewis was in drinking with his friends. We played around 40 minutes of our set and decided to play a cover of his song ‘Someone You Loved’ as soon as we started his mates were cheering him on and to everyone’s surprise in the bar he appeared at the front of stage and took some photos with fans.

"I then asked him if he’d like to join us on stage and he did. He sang away and got the crowd to sing along and then finished up and took some more pictures with fans. Totally out the blue and nothing was planned. Right place right time.

"Myself and Hannah are big fans of Lewis so it was a great opportunity and experience to have and it’s a moment we’ll never forget. He’s top lad and very humble."

Commented on the posts, fans couldn't believe the gig, with one Facebook user saying: "we should have been in Cold Town! Better than the cover bands."

Another added: "no way was he a couple of pubs away!"

Cold Town House opened earlier this year on former site of the Robertson Memorial Church following a £4m investment, and includes a brewery, bar, restaurant and rooftop terrace.

This isn't the first time Lewis Capaldi has shocked crowds by showing up in bars - he took up an offer of a free cocktail named after him in Glasgow's So L.A a few months ago.

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A spokesperson for Cold Town House said: “It was a great surprise to have Lewis Capaldi join us ‪on Saturday night‬. He was in having a few drinks and enjoying the music with his mates when the band played one of his songs and asked him if he’d like to join them on stage, which he did.

"Just like the rest of Scotland, we’re big fans of Lewis so it was an amazing experience! A huge thanks to Lewis for an unforgettable Cold Town House party and we hope to see him again soon.”

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