A Youtube blogger's video has gone viral after his wife appeared in the background packing up her things to leave him during one of his whisky reviews.

The Youtuber, known as Foodquig, starts off the review, which was first posted three years ago, by saying he’s had a good week at work but then things quickly go downhill from there as he then points out that he and his wife, Cindy, are breaking up, and that she is moving out.

Pointing out the mess in the background, he states that it’s been “really hard” before stoically pouring himself a Laphroaig 10 as his wife begins to pack up her things in the background.

Describing it as his “Go To Single Malt”, he then continues to review his dram, giving his thoughts on the Islay whisky and only stopping to say a solitary “bye” as his visibly upset wife leaves.

The video has since gone on to rack up nearly a million views after it was shared on several social media sites including Reddit and Facebook.

Several users posted their support in the comments section with one writing: “You’re a rock and your taste in scotch is impeccable! Keep on being awesome.”

While another joked: “This is so sad… everyone knows Oban is superior.”

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